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What Run Oregon is Wearing: Heating accessories from Mission Athletecare

I had the opportunity to try out a variety of Mission Athletecare products at the same time that our area was hit with an unusual cold snap, which included (but was not limited to) icy rain and snowy conditions.  Or, in an abbreviated statement, you could just say, “baby, it’s cold outside.”  Don’t let a little winter chill slow you down.  Mission prides itself on providing lightweight warmth for cool weather training.

My favorite product I easily wear when running or just running out the door (for an errand) is my Radiantactive Outdoor Training and Running Scarf.   The scarf features a small hole at one end which allows for the opposite end to be pushed through, creating a loop around your neck.  While I can wear this as snug or as loose as I like, the material is plush enough to not easily pull itself out.    Made of thermal fleece to contain heat and help you stay warmer and active longer,  it is also light weight and  easily forgotten about on my snow filled training days.  Although I am not much of a fashion oriented or savvy person, the carbon color matches well with all my day-today wear as I make my trek out to the library or grocery store.  This scarf has gotten a lot of use, and I have to say, if you purchase one of these to add to your cold weather running apparel, hide it.  Yes, I typed that right.  Hide it.  My husband works odd hours and as I am waking up for my morning training, he has just gone to bed for the “night”.  I would often find myself digging through his work clothes to locate the scarf since he had absconded it for himself when working outside at night.

Retail:  $19.99 (

If there was no way I could locate  my scarf, my next go-to piece of cold weather running gear is the Radiantactive Outdoor Training and Running Performance Neck Gaiter.  I appreciate the versatility of a neck gaiter, as I can simply wear it around my neck or pull the front up and over my nose to cover my face on a particularly chilly run.  I found that this easily detoured the biting wind chill.  If my ears were that miserable hot-cold we have all felt at one time, I could pull the back of the gaiter up over the back of my head like a hood.   I wear glasses, and not just any pair of glasses… but a chunky cateye glasses (1960’s) with a very wide frame.  With this in mind, my only issue with the neck gaiter is having a handy place to remove my glasses before putting the gaiter on or taking it off.

The outer later of the material is smooth and silky soft and the inside is that same plush thermal fleece as the scarf mentioned above.  The performance fabric features 37.5 technology which helps maintain your optimum core temperature by speeding evaporation and avoiding a humid micro-climate that can cause overheating.  This technology will not degrade or washout over time with your gear.  Soft, light-weight, four way stretch, and a flatlock seam to keep it in place, it really is a piece of gear to add to your collection.

Retail:  $29.99 (

I also received the Radiantactive Outdoor Training and Running Performance Headband.  I have to be completely honest and say that headbands are not my favorite piece of running gear.   Often they slip as if about to shoot off the top of my head or are so unbearably tight, I have a headache and pressure mark on my forehead.  Let me be clear, this is the scenario I face more frequently than not… but this isn’t the case at all with the headband from Mission Athletcare.  The product is “one size fits most” and with my thick hair and pension for headband issues, I found this one very comfortable and  perhaps even a little more “loose” than tight.  While the headband did stay in place, it may have been a little low on my forehead while I pulled the headband over my ears.  If the headband is pushed up and my lower earlobes exposed, the headband is still quite comfortable and not sliding off anywhere.  The thermal fleece inside the headband is both warm and soft, but allows for just enough texture to create a “grip” and not slide.

Retail:  $19.99 (

Next up, is the Radiantactive Outdoor Training and Running Performance Lightweight Gloves.  (These are available in “men’s” and “women’s”, but I specifically received “men’s”.   The only difference is color combinations and the women’s design is “one size fits most” while men’s has a sizing for small/medium or large/XL.)   As mentioned with the scarf above, these are something you will both want to invest in but hide.  because I received the men’s L/XL, these did fit me (with a little room to spare) but fit my husband perfectly.  These were often something I would have to dig out of his lunchbox to reclaim as my own.  I can tell you that he was in love with them while working in 17 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, often with a wind chill to add to the misery, the scarf (as mentioned above) and these gloves saved him in comfort and his ability to endure such frigid conditions.   The propriety carbon-infused fleece allows the gloves to retain 20% more heat than those gloves that do not use this fabric technology.  The gloves are also touch screen compatible and feature a silicone palm for secure grip.

Retail:  $29.99 (



Thank you to Mission for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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