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Use code RUNOREGON to get half off the first month of the Wanderer!

Now that I’m older, I’ve come to really appreciate things that will help make my life more simple and more streamlined. This is especially true when I am out on hikes or backpacking. So while all my other hiking friends are whipping out their stoves and freeze dried meals, you can usually find me whipping out my energy bars or other pre-made foods. Simplicity, folks, it’s a beautiful thing. And enter: Trailfoody. Trailfoody is a monthly subscription pack of on-the-go foods made especially for fueling the body during even the most extreme outdoor adventures. The foods in each pack “avoid artificial preservatives and genetically modified ingredients, and they are organic whenever possible.”

Trailyfoody comes in 3 subscription options, depending on how often you find yourself out exploring on any given month:

  • The Wanderer ($21.95); 1-2 outings, includes 1 trail lunch and 4 energy bars each month.
  • The Pathfinder ($43.95); 3 outings, includes 3 trail lunches and 6 energy bars each month.
  • The Intrepid ($53.95); 4 outings, includes 4 trail lunches and 8 energy bars each month.

You can skip a month whenever you need or you can change or cancel your plan at any time. Each pack includes a wide variety of ready to eat snacks that don’t require refrigeration.

So what’s in a Trailfoody pack? I received the Wanderer and this is what I got:

  • Stacy’s Pita Chips
  • Wild Garden Hummus
  • Mediterra Sundried Tomato & Basil bar
  • Basil and Garlic Olives
  • Fruit Bliss Organic Turkish Figs
  • Vermont Smoke & Cure Cracked Pepper Beef & Pork stick
  • Stur Organic Truly Fruit Punch drink mix
  • Probar Superfruit Slam
  • Kate’s Natural Foods Tram Bar
  • BGood Peanut Ginger Bar

The Wanderer

Basically, it’s a lot of yummy loot, all packaged within a nifty stuff sack. One thing I super appreciate about this pack is that it includes a wide variety of ready to eat foods, including some that I had never even heard of. Likely this is because Trailfoody offers many goods that you wouldn’t typically find in your local store. My favorite of the loot, was the BGood Peanut Ginger Bar and the Turkish Figs. Another cool thing about each Trailfoody pack is that each monthly pack is different, so it’s essentially a wonderful surprise every month.

There are also 3 gift options available for those with an adventure seeking friend or family member. The gift options include a 3 month subscription ($77.85), a 6 month ($155.70), or a 12 month ($311.40). Please note that a gift subscription is a one time charge, not monthly. The first box will ship within 3 business days. If you have special needs for the first shipment (different address, special timing, etc), simply contact customer service. Gift subscriptions do not include payment details, but they will include a special gift note that you can customize at checkout.

The premise behind Trailfoody is simple: A monthly food kit consisting of healthy and nourishing foods, made ready to eat so you can spend more time exploring and less time prepping. If you’re an outdoor adventurer like myself who happens to enjoy streamlined simplicity AND variety, then I would highly recommend giving Trailfoody a try.

Use code RUNOREGON to get half off the first month of the Wanderer!

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