Zim’s offers some cool ways to calm sore muscles

I’ve posted on here before how I much I love Zim’s Freeze Spray, which I use frequently on my neck and occasionally on my feet; and now Zim’s has a new way to get that same pain relief: Max-Freeze Patches.

Available in three sizes, I went with the Large (they also have Medium and X-Large). The Large size is recommended for knees and elbows; I used it on my neck and upper back. (The Medium size is the one recommended for necks, but the Large worked fine for me.) It’s about 4 inches by 6 inches so it was perfect to get that area where your neck muscles join your shoulders … you know, where you can easily get sore from being at a computer all day. The X-Large size is for larger pain areas, like lower back.

The patches are all individually wrapped within the package; you simply open one and then peel the back off it. The first time I wore it, I think I put it on too soon after putting on lotion and there was a little bit of sticky residue when I removed the patch; but that’s on me. The next time I didn’t have any stickiness.

In addition to trying them out myself, I gave one to a complete stranger at a trade show that was complaining of a sore back. Her reaction, “Ooooohhhh, that’s cold. Nice.”

The Medium size package includes 6 patches, while the Large package has four. The X-Large comes with three patches. You can get them at drugstores like Walgreen’s, or online at Amazon, for around $12-$15. Many chiropractor’s offices sell Zim’s products as well.

Zim’s is a U.S.-based company (Ohio) that also offers a complete line of skin care, lip care, and first aid supplies. Aside from their Max Freeze Spray, I really like their “Crack Creme.” I think it’s officially named that because it can help soothe skin so dry it’s cracked (without stinging) but I also wonder if it’s because once you start using it, you can’t stop!


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