What Run Oregon is Wearing: WIIVV Wearables custom 3D printed insoles

Top view of WIIVV Wearables custom 3D printed insoles.

Having been a devotee of SuperFeet insoles for several years, and having recently tried and liked SofSole insoles, I was eager to check out a pair of personally customized WIIV insoles. The first great thing about WIIVV is the individualized ordering process. You download the free app, follow the very clear instructions in the video, and use your smartphone to take photos of your feet from the top and the side. You get to choose from assorted graphics for the top of the insoles, and a solid color for the bottom, and each insole comes with your name printed on the top and engraved on the bottom. Once your photos are accepted by the app, and you have made your color choices and placed your order, your WIIVV insoles are individually 3D printed to precisely match the contours of your arches and heels, the ultimate customization!

A bottom view shows the non-skid areas at the heel and at the front of the arch.

In a short time your WIIVVs are mailed to you in a nicely designed box, complete with a wooden foot massage ball. As with any new footwear product, WIIV recommends getting used to your insoles gradually, so I followed their advice and wore mine in my everyday shoes for a few days before moving them into my running shoes. WIIVVs are 3/4 length insoles that are worn directly on top of your existing insoles, so at first it felt as though my heels were raised quite a bit. But it didn’t take long to get used to them, as the translation from the photos to the 3D printing means they fit your feet very precisely. I was also concerned that the WIIVVs might shift around or slide forward in my shoes while I walked, since the 3/4 style left them plenty of space to move. But the pressure of my weight, combined with the contours of the arches and heels and the strategically placed non-skid areas on the bottoms kept them securely flush with the back of my shoes. They quickly felt very natural and gently supportive.

The insoles come with a wooden foot massage ball.

Your name is printed on the top surface of each insole……and engraved on the bottoms!

Running in them was equally comfortable and subtly supportive, although my chronically mildly painful forefeet missed the stiffer forward platform provided by the full-length SuperFeet insoles I had removed to make room for my shoes’ original insoles. So my one mild caveat regarding WIIVV insoles is that they may not be appropriate for runners with a sensitive forefoot that requires addition support. Other than that, though, they feel great, and the customization element is really cool. Also, since they are only 3/4 length and sit on top of existing insoles, it is very quick and easy to transfer them from shoe to shoe, making them not only cool, but extremely versatile too!

Run Oregon featured WIIVV in a Kickstarter of the Week post back in January, and a company spokesperson points out that “Wiivv Wearables were the most crowdfunded 3D product ever to be launched from a Kick Starter.”

Update: WIIVV Wearables announces Custom Fit Full-Length Insoles

WIIVV Wearables now offers full-length custom insoles in addition to the original 3/4 length model.

Here is the press release from WIIVV:

Wiivv Debuts Custom Fit Full-Length Insoles
Award-Winning Custom Fit Footwear Company Expands Offerings and Retail Distribution

VANCOUVER, Canada – November 30, 2016 – Wiivv Wearables Inc., a leader in custom fit footwear and adaptive 3D manufacturing, announces the launch of their latest innovation: a custom fit 3D printed full-length insole. With this significant product expansion, the brand continues to broaden its North American and international sales channels. Wiivv will be debuting their Custom Fit Full-Length Insoles at The Running Event tradeshow in Orlando, FL from November 30 to December 2 where they will be also be launching their retailer and athlete ambassador programs.

“The release of our full-length insole continues to further our vision of making every shoe custom to each customer,” shared Shamil Hargovan, Wiivv CEO and Co-Founder. “The demand for our custom fit 3/4 length insoles exceeded all expectations, and the community was immediately asking for a 3D printed solution that could replace their factory or off-the-shelf full-length insoles. “

The full-length insole utilizes Wiivv’s award-winning mobile imaging, biomechanics and digital fabrication technologies.  They have been uniquely designed to replace factory insoles in running shoes, boots and casual shoes for active and everyday pursuits. The new offering features a best in class REPREVE top layer designed for high impact sports, yielding a first of its kind foam with advance elasticity properties.  The new top layer, equivalent to the style found in high-performance running shoes, is integrated into Wiivv’s proprietary insole customization process.

Sports specialty retailers attending The Running Event will get a hands-on introduction to Wiivv’s innovative product process and distributed manufacturing platform and will receive personalized demonstrations of the Wiivv mobile app. Wiivv’s retailer program, debuting at the show, allows retailers to enter the fast growing bespoke footwear market without any inventory investments or expensive in-store point of sale costs. The retailer point of purchase kit will be on display through out the conference.

“Given our athletic performance origins we are very excited to rollout our full-length product and retailer program to the running industry,” added Louis-Victor Jadavji, Wiivv  Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist. “This is our next phase in delivering body-perfect ™ lifestyle gear. “

Wiivv Custom Fit Full-Length Insoles retail for $89 and are available immediately via the Wiivv app now available on iOS and Android,, and a growing list of Wiivv certified retailers and athlete ambassadors.

Thank you to WIIVV for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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