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Product: Ultralight No Show sock ($12)

Annette’s Impressions:

The Ultralight No Show sock felt amazing from the start. The fabric is soft and fits snugly. I knew right away I was going to be a fan of my new Balega Socks. They were the perfect fit and there were no seams along the toe line. They didn’t bunch up or move when I ran, and the technology they call “Drynamix” kept my feet blister-free and helped wick away moisture. Even when I wore these on a rainy day, my rain-soaked feet didn’t get blisters and the socks stayed put. Already, these socks are a staple. As soon as they are clean, I grab them for my next run. Balega won me over at first run. They will definitely be on my Christmas list this year! If you haven’t given these socks a try, I recommend you do.

Product: Enduro V-Tech Crew ($14)

Teresa’s Impressions:

I generally work out in ankle socks, occasionally going wild and crazy with a knee-high compression sock, but I’ve never worn a crew sock. Retired men on the beaches of Florida come to mind when I think of crew socks, keeping their feet warm in their sandals. My tester socks sat for days, unopened. I love everything about Balega socks, which is why my stocking is usually stuffed with them at Christmas, but I struggled getting excited to wear these. I’m not a fashionista by any means, but I don’t’ want to embarrass my boys with my attire any more than I already do, so I hesitated until I spotted a young guy running in a pair of crew socks.He was young and fast, but most importantly the crew socks worked with his ensemble and it was the final push I needed to break open my Balegas only to discover I waited entirely too long.

Their packaging asks if you’ve ever worn a sock that contours perfectly with your foot without constricting it, providing the perfect amount of arch support in just the right spots? It asks that question because these socks do just that. They are tight in a good way. They just feel good going on and mold to your foot perfectly. There’s plenty of room in the toes, you can feel the support along the arch and the heel hugs tightly in place. The material is thick enough to keep your feet warm, but allows them to breathe. I didn’t get any hot spots or blisters with them. All that to say, I kind of love these. They feel like a luxurious sock to me, so much so I don’t care if people think I can’t pull them off. If the retired guys in Florida are wearing these under their sandals, I can understand why.

Product: Hidden Comfort ($12)

Joe’s Impressions:

Hidden Comfort

I have to confess that I have really liked Balega running socks for awhile now, so I didn’t pass up an opportunity to wear test another pair. It’s hard to think of another sock brand that compares. The things I particularly like about Balega include the fabric, the texture, the fit, the durability, and the comfort and breathability.

I can’t think of any other running socks that are as soft and comfortable. Lots of running socks are made of advanced “tech” fabrics which perform well, but they are often clingy, tight, or slick, and hard to pull on over my feet. Balega socks are easy to put on, with no loss of wicking or breathability. The texture and fit are pleasant and don’t cause any bunching or blisters. The socks stay up and remain gently snug during a run. And so far, none of my Balega socks have shown any major signs of wear: no holes or loose stitching after several training runs and races. More than once, I have made a point of stocking up (no pun intended) on another pair of Balega socks when I have seen them at the local running stores.

Hidden Dry 2

Product: Hidden Dry 2 ($12)

Drew’s Impressions:

There’s always something special about putting on a brand new pair of running socks. That first run is fantastic. The trouble often comes after you’ve washed them meaning that every run following that first wash is nothing like the first run. When I put these socks on the first time it was like putting on thick wool socks and I was really impressed with how comfortable they were. Balega touts a “second skin fit” for their socks and that is a really good description. But what really sets these socks apart from lesser cost options are the fact that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th runs felt like the first. I’ve got over 40 miles in this pair already and they are my new favorite.



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