Press Release: 2017 Oregon Half & Full Marathon Series

Coming in 2017, Oregon runners via Team Blue Sky Events, Inc., a sports management and promotions company out of California, will participate in the second iteration of a new running series all around the state of Oregon. This series also takes place in its two neighboring states on the north and south sides (WA & CA). In just its second year, the Oregon Half & Full Marathon Series has doubled from 7,000 active subscribers to just over 15,000. There will be the addition of as many as 10 new events adding to the existing 17. By its very model, the series is ideal for race directors in spreading the word about their half or full marathon. The series cross markets events to each others active runners across the state through an interactive web site that displays each event from January through December.

This web site includes mapping, calendaring, videos, custom pages for each event, and rotating banner ads. Runners can participate in “challenges” that include a number of races, and at the end of the year they are rewarded for it by receiving a free custom medal for their achievement. Elite Runners are ranked as well and qualify to become the open or masters male/female champions at the end of the year. Runners simply register for races that are on the series to be included in these challenges.

The series is also due to be re-releasing an app in January 2017, which will be a re-branding of a pre-existing app used for CA. The app will allow runners from all three states the ability to get in and register for races at the click of a button and watch promotional videos that generally get lost on race promoters web sites.

Press release via Team Blue Sky Events, Inc.

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