Wearable Progression: a Podcast about Wearable Technology for Runners

Starting nearly a year ago, in January 2016, Wearable Progression has been taking a close look at how technology and running intersect. The podcast was created by a company named Kinematix, based in Portugal. They have a cool wearable called TUNE, which monitors a runners’ footstrikes and pace.

Podcast topics range from how to interpret data to help you run more efficiently, how to balance your training, and the symmetry with the non-technology side of running. There are also interviews with athletes and those involved in sport science; Ryan Vail was the most recent interview subject but running coaches are also regular guests. The podcast is not simply an ad for TUNE, it’s interesting for those who geek about running and running data. (I may or may not be talking to specific readers.)

Wearable Progression is available on Soundcloud; check it out here and follow them if you like what they’re doing! Run Oregon hopes they branch out and do more interviews and features about other technology, but the interviews are great too.

Kinematix has also created some video content with profiles on runners from all walks of life. The videos were created with an eye on motivation and inspiration; might be something to save for the next rainy morning you need a little kick to get out the door. Check them out under the “Those who run” category at Kinematix’s YouTube channel. 

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