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Kickstarter of the Week: Adventure Mat

Company: Adventure Mat Location: Boulder, CO Pledge Goal: $7,000 (WILL BE FUNDED) Current Pledges: $25
How many times have you arrived at a campground, trailhead or ski resort only to find yourself at the back of the car doing a balancing act on top of your shoes while you try to change into your gear without getting your feet dirty or wet?

I feel the Adventure Mat is one of those “d’uh” items out there – something that is relatively simple, an obvious need, and yet something that is amazing hasn’t really been created yet. Basically, it’s a small foldable mat that can be used to stand on when you are changing post-race (or post-hike, post-beach, post-ski, etc), without having to worry about getting your feet all roughed up.  I can’t tell you the number of times this would have come in handy for me within the last six months. From killing my feet changing on jagged rocks to attempting to keep my feet as sand-free as possible after an afternoon at the beach, the Adventure Mat would have been much appreciated.

One of the awesome features is that it’s unique foldable design allows it to 1) be done with only one hand and 2) keeps one side completely clean. Check it out:

The bottom side never touches the top and it folds from a 3.5 foot mat into to a 6.5″x 6.5″ square! The makers of this also say it can be utilized for other reasons as well – from preparing meals, utilizing in nasty communal shower, or laying out gear on wet/muddy surfaces. It’s definitely multifunctional.

I think that most/all of us can think of at least one time that this would have come in handy. And pledging begins at only $25 (delivery in February 2017) , so this is a cheap and worthwhile investment.


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