Dress Like a Man: Olivers All Over Shorts

The shorts are super comfortable – both while wearing and to the physical touch. And it seems that this was not some apparel that they went about haphazardly. From their website:

It took us the better part of a year to build the All Over Short, with help from the best designers and craftsmen. We found a factory that works with premier outdoor apparel brands to mill and greige our base fabric. The other core components – among them ballistic mesh and commercial mil-spec paracord – have been carefully selected to consider both function and form. With help from a team of expert patternmakers, we worked through countless iterations to perfect the fit.


All Over Shorts in slate

That’s a lot of work on a single “basic” item – and it is evident when wearing. Over the past few weeks, I have tried to use these in every occasion. They have been utilized when covering some miles out on the streets of Keizer. They held up nicely when playing with the kids at our local indoor trampoline park. They have even gotten dirty as I did some yard Autumn yard clean-up. Their water-repellent qualities have been appreciated in all these settings, and the stretch has allowed for maximum comfort as well. They have truly held up to the task and, to be honest, I’m pretty happy they are durable because I find myself wanting to wear them a lot now a days.

The biggest complaint about the shorts is their relatively high price tag. But you would have to detemine how worthwhile it is to you to buy a quality item and keep for years instead of buying 2-3+ cheaper pairs.

Olivers has a bunch of other seemingly solid-looking menswear, from boxer briefs to hoodies to tee shirts.

Company: Olivers (Facebook)

This company wasn’t founded with venture capital, a team of MBAs, or even a detailed business plan. We started with a handful of fabric swatches, a small workshop in California, and a passion for athletics and the culture of sport. Fast forward 3 years, and what began as a fresh take on gym shorts has grown to much more.

Piece by piece, we create athletic apparel essentials, updating them with the best performance fabrics and detailed tailoring to insure they will last for years to come. But we aren’t only focused on the pursuit of athletic excellence – we’re about the spirit of adventure, and we’re here to help you tackle it head on.


Specs (from website):

  • 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex
  • 4-way stretch. 170 GSM
  • Slim, athletic cut. Fits true to size
  • Bar tack reinforcements at stress points
  • Inner pocket on wearer’s right to hold keys, phones, or wallet securely
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