What Run Oregon is Trying: Scrubba Weightless Wallet and SABRE Personal Safety Items



Company: Scrubba
Product: Scrubba Weightless Wallet
Cost: $10 on IndieGoGo

Our Kickstarter campaign recently came to an end after smashing its goal in the first 2.5 hours of the launch and ultimately receiving 18,385AUD from 1,062 backers. We received so much support and enthusiasm from people all over the globe, however, that we decided to continue sharing the world’s thinnest, lightest and most durable wallet for travel and active lifestyles by moving the campaign over to IndieGoGo. Head over now to snap up specials from as low as $10 with FREE shipping.

Scrubba weightless wallet from Scrubba on Vimeo.

UntitledAs is typical of many men out there, I have a larger wallet than I probably should. While having a single storage place for my ID, credit cards, and a myriad of other items (receipts, medical cards, library card, etc) can be beneficial, it is definitely NOT when I am going on a run or somewhere where I just need one or two items. The Scrubba Weightless Wallet is made entirely out of sweat-resistent “40 denier nylon fabric”, upcycled material from their wash bag production.

It can fit between 1-6 cards, as well as a top pocket for cash. It ends up measuring 3.5 inches x 4.1 inches when closed (8.3 inches open) and less than a quarter ounce (before adding cards and such)! This is something I have used a handful of times already – I love tossing my ID, a debit card, and a few bills in it and tossing it in my running belt. I actually even put it in my sock once and forgot it was there!

Additionally, Scrubba also has their popular wash bags, as well as other packs and towels. Check them out on Facebook.

Stay safe when running

Company: SABRE
Product: Runner Pepper Gel/Hand Strap
Cost: $12.99 on their website (you may find it for around $10 on
(Reviewed by Kelly)

Have you ever foregone a run because you didn’t feel safe? I have. I travel about six times a year for work, and often am not able to get out for a run in daylight due to my meeting and show schedule, so I work out on the treadmill. I sometimes also just get “creeped out” when running because of someone acting a little … odd, which is why I prefer to run with a friend. If this has ever happened to you – or a runner or walker you care about – you may want to carry pepper spray.

The SABRE Runner Pepper Gel is designed with a strap that fits over your knuckles so that the spray button is right under your thumb when you form a loose fist – in other words, the natural hand position for most runners. There is an easy-to-dismantle top lock so that you don’t accidentally spray yourself when adjusting your hat. The canister itself fits pretty unobtrusively in your hand, so it’s not going to draw attention unless you want it to! In addition to the hand strap version, there’s another version for cycling that comes with an arm strap and has a reflective strip.

It’s a gel, not a spray, so you’re less likely to have any of it blown into your face; it also travels further than spray. The spray itself is dyed red, which doesn’t make it any more painful for your assailant but does mark them so that police are able to identify them should you need to report anything.

SABRE has a rock-solid reputation and the their products are used by a variety of law enforcement offices across the U.S. It should be noted that if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington D.C., Maine, or New York, you will not be able to order this product online due to state laws.


Company: SABRE
Product: Runner Personal Alarm/Wrist Strap
Cost: $19.99 on their website
(Reviewed by Kelly)

Back in college, I had a body alarm. It looked like a garage-door opener crossed with a pager, and clipped to your clothing in the same way. If you pulled the alarm off it’s clip, a super-loud siren would sound. The idea behind this type of body alarm is that the noise will scare off any attackers that don’t want to get caught. The alarm on the SABRE Personal Runner Alarm sounds at 130 decibels, which they say can be heard 300 meters away (about three football fields).

Warning: if you get this, you should be forewarned that the metal ring is NOT a keyring. Pulling on the metal ring is how you set off the alarm! I learned this the hard way. It is very loud and more piercing than a car alarm. If you were to pull the ring while running in a neighborhood you would definitely get people out of their front doors.

What I like best about this alarm is that it’s truly comfortable to wear. The strap is made out of a smooth nylon strap that doesn’t chafe and it’s easy to adjust the fit if you swell up when running or need to put it on top of your coat (which you should, if you’re wearing a coat). It’s designed to be worn on your wrist, probably on your non-dominant hand if you don’t wear a watch. (If you wear it on your dominant hand, it’s still easy to pull the ring with your other hand.) The motion to pull the alarm is pretty much the same as moving one hand to itch the other wrist.

I actually think this would be a good gift for anyone who sometimes has to go through areas where they might not be safe. College campuses, non-residential areas like downtown Portland, and urban trails are all places where a personal alarm such as the SABRE Runner Personal Alarm could make a big difference in your own personal safety.

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