Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Halo Top Ice Cream (and why I can’t get enough)

- photo via Facebook

- photo via Facebook

We are runners. So that means we NEVER cheat on our nutritional goals and DEFINITELY have never sat down and managed to eat an entire pint of ice cream - right?! Well kudos to you if you have yet to succumb to such temptations, but it's personally true that ice cream is a fatal flaw of mine - regardless of the weather and the situation. I purposely keep ice cream out of my freezer so that I don't just devour it for breakfast. I always feel terrible (in more ways than one) right after crushing a bowl (or 3), but I may have found something that will absolve me of this guilt. Halo Top!

At first glance, I saw the big number of calories on the pint and was confused. Why would someone so prominently advertise the number of calories per serving. Then I realized – that’s not per serving, but PER PINT (240 in an entire pint – AN ENTIRE PINT)!!!

Halo Top seems to be created with healthy lifestyles in mind, with their committment to low-sugar, high-protein, and obviously their low calories. However, the real question was does it taste low-calorie and low-sugar? I think most of us try are probably familiar with some products out there that have to sacrifice taste in order to reach the more healthy end goal. I don’t know what Halo Top did, but this stuff is so ridiculously delicious. It’s straight up baffling to think that an entire pint of this yummy stuff is going to keep you under 250-300 calories. Yes, they use stevia (which some people have a distaste for), but honestly my taste buds could not taste the difference. No joke – it was just straight up ice-cream deliciousness.

Halo Top can be a bit of a challenge to locate – or at least the full breadth of their flavors are. In Salem, I went around to a handful of chain supermarkets (Safeway and Roth’s mostly), and found them in the frozen aisle – though they were limited mostly to Mint Chip, Chocolate, and Vanilla Bean. With flavors such as Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Sea Salt Caramel, S’mores, and Peanut Butter Cup (amongst others) in their line-up, I recommend finding who stocks them and BUY THEM ALL. A pint will run about $5-6, but the cost of knowing you can snack guilt-free is priceless!

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