Shoe Review: Brooks Hyperion

Run Oregon receives and tests running shoes from time to time. This post is in reference to Brooks Women’s Hyperion.

Brooks Hyperion

Specs (from Brooks website)

  • ARCH: Medium, High
  • PLATFORM: Universal Platform
  • DNA LAYOUT: Biomogo DNA Layout
  • SURFACE: Road/Track
  • LAUNCH DATE: June 1, 2016
  • WEIGHT: 5.4 oz
  • MIDSOLE DROP: 10 mm
  • SUPPORT LEVEL: Neutral
  • PRICE: $130


I have been searching for a light, neutral running shoe since my favorite running shoe changed things up on me. I have yet to find the perfect replacement, so I was quite excited to try out the Brooks Hyperion. When they arrived at my house, I immediately tried them on. My first thought was, I think I’m really going to like these shoes! They were light, flexible and felt quite comfortable. And, of course, the colors were awesome. Quite often it seems that the men’s version of many running shoes is more impressive in terms of color. However, the women’s Brooks Hyperion definitely win that category!

Initially, I started out with several walks, as I often do with a new brand/style of shoe. My initial impression after walking in them was that the shoes have the right amount of cushion and flexibility in the sole. The fabric is light and somewhat breathable – helped out by the little air holes along the top. The fabric moves, but stays firm allowing for a comfortable, snug fit – which I felt was true to size.

After getting in some walking miles with positive results, it was time to get in some running miles. After my first run, I was optimistic that I had found my new go-to running shoes. They felt great on the roads. The traction was just right for road running. The cushion and flexibility were just right. The laces stayed put once tied and I didn’t even have to double knot them. Overall, my main impression was that I didn’t really even think too much about them on the run – a really good sign. Partway through my run I thought I had gotten a rock in my sock and stopped several times to try and remove it without any luck. After my run when I took my shoes off I discovered that the back of the shoe had actually been rubbing on my ankle and had created a small blister. Bummer!

Despite trying the shoes with a higher quality sock, with a different lacing technique, and for shorter distances; it appears that the perfect shoe for me has just one flaw. The heel is higher than I’m used to and it curves back towards the ankle. The heel cup is very firm with padding added for comfort and fit. Unfortunately, the fabric inside the shoe is stretchy and tends to bunch up if your heel moves up and down. As I have a narrow heel, mine tends to slip a bit in shoes. The combination of the firm curved heel and bunching fabric ended up causing both heels to get blisters.

Sadly, it seems my almost perfect running shoe will be relegated to a walking shoe. However, when the updated version of this shoe comes out I will be stalking my local running store in anticipation of its arrival. With a few tweaks, this could be the shoe I’ve been looking for.

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