Holy Cramp! Hyland’s Leg Cramps to the rescue!

Untitled Leg cramps are a real thing - especially in runners. If you have ever had leg cramps (or cramps of any kind), you can attest to the crazy pain that these can cause. While there are certain remedies, including our previously reviewed Pickle Juice - some of the off-the-wall stuff isn't for everyone. Hyland's Leg Cramps (Amazon), a product created to relieve the symptoms of cramps in the legs, calves and feet (pretty important body parts for runners), keeps things "simple" by putting their relief in tablet form. The pills actually go under the tongue to dissolve and provide quick results to get runners back on track.

While no one at Run Oregon experiences cramps while running, Hyland’s relayed a story of ultra-runner, Mike Ehredt, who ran 81 marathons in 81 days in 2012. Needless to say, he experienced some body fatigue and “at the onset of a cramp, [he] placed two Hyland’s Leg Cramps tablets under [his] tongue, they dissolved immediately and [he] experienced relief in about five minutes”. Hyland’s also has an ointment (Amazon) to assist with curing the cramp effects and warming the area (typically calves and legs) to keep things loosened and moving smoothly.

When my dad last came and visited, he was lamenting that he seems to have been experiencing more cramps than ever before in his life. He was talking about the sheer pain that comes on in his legs and that he seems to be getting on a regular basis. Despite his top demeanor, he expressed that this was some of the worst pain he has ever had.  I gave him a few to try and asked that he report back to me if he ended up using them. Just last night, I received a text from him saying that he had a cramp, immediately took a few of the self dissolving pills, and it immediately subsided. That’s real life success right there.

Hyland’s uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice, though not reviewed by the FDA. That being said, they are the Official Cramp Relief partner of the Boston Marathon and the #1 Pharmacist Recommended leg cramp OTC medication, so they have a pretty good reputation already. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who has issues with leg cramps, and wants to keep things as natural as possible, consider learning more about Hyland’s products.

Hyland’s provided some samples to Run Oregon. Due to our lack of experience with leg cramps, our post is designed to be more informative in nature than a personal review. We always encourage our readers to do research when engaging in use of supplements or medication of any kind.
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