What Run Oregon is Trying: Sneaker Balls and Chamois Butt’r

UntitledCompany: Sneaker Balls

Price: $4.99 – Amazon

Impressions: As someone who runs at lunchtime, I am constantly lugging running clothes to and from work in my gym bag. There is really nothing worse than a bag full of sweaty gear and the havoc that it can wreak on bags. Combine that with running shoes, and stuff can get less than pleasant. Sneaker Balls are small little deoderizers that easily fit into my bag (instead of a spray) and don’t take up any space in the process. They are potent for their size, but if you have a picky nose you may not appreciate these as much. They definitely aren’t “neutralizers” in so much as they are fragrant deodorizers.

I have had these in my bag over the past few weeks, and I have not been punched in the face with my sweaty apparel stench. I could definitely see how people may be opposed to such a strong fragrance on the other end of the spectrum. It’s pretty convenient and relatively inexpensive means to positive smells, though a full and through clean of your gym bag would still be recommended.


Company: Chamois Butt’r

Chamois Butt’r® was developed in 1988 by physical therapist and cyclist Steve Mathews, in collaboration with pro cyclists, physicians and chemists. Since then, Chamois Butt’r® has continued to evolve and is now available in most US bicycle retailers and is distributed internationally.

Chamois Butt’r® Original, Chamois Butt’r® Eurostyle™ and Chamois Butt’r® Her’® are non-greasy skin lubricants developed to improve riding comfort. Both products prevent the uncomfortable rubbing and chafing many cyclists experience while riding. Chamois Butt’r® products easily wash off skin and out of shorts with soap and water, and are gentle on even the most delicate skin and clothing.

We use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that our products are easy on your skin. All Chamois Butt’r® products are paraben free, gluten free and contain no artificial colors or fragrances. Chamois Butt’r® products are produced in a state of the art facility, with strict quality assurance, adhering to the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. No animal testing is used for our products.

Products (via Amazon):

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Impressions: Nothing can derail a desire to run quicker than chafing. I can definitely attest to that from personal experience. These products provide a simple, easy, and clean way to keep your chafage to a minimum. They are fragrance free and have held up very well to liquid – both in the rain and the sweat variety.

I love the ease of the GoStik and how easy it is to apply to my trouble spots (i.e. inner thighs and under arms when wearing certain tops). I don’t have to get my hands all slick and nasty – just roll it on like a deoderant and hit the streets. The travel size is also perfect to carry while you are on a run. This would come in handy on long runs (or swims/cycling) when you can’t carry aroud a big tube, but could use a little “touch up” along the way. I will definitely plan to stick it in my pocket or belt on my next long run to apply when chafing occurs.

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