Help someone in need by participating in the Step Up Your Love Run!

If you were ever looking for a way to help a person in need, listen up. Michelle's Love is a small charity  in Portland that helps single parents undergoing Cancer treatment. They assist with basics - providing meals, home cleanings, and financial assistance that goes directly towards utility bills, rent/mortgage payments.

Each October, they hold a fundraiser (their biggest of the year) called the Step Up Your Love Run. This isn't so much a race as it is a donation based event. Here's info from their site. Run Flyer

Are you someone who runs for fun or maybe not so much?  Are you looking to challenge yourself a bit? Do you have a great group of friends, family, and co-workers who think you are awesome?  Have you ever had a loved one diagnosed with cancer?  Have you been looking for a way to give back and help others?

Step Up Your Love Run may just be right for you.

You pick a distance that is challenging for you.  You then get your friends and family to donate to our fundraising page based on your passion and dedication to helping our local moms.

Each year, they look for 10 runners to participate in their distance (this year’s is on October 23rd) and right now, they are halfway there.

If you are interested, contact to get more details and sign up by September 10th!

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