Knuckle Lights rechargeable now available – and a Run Oregon discount

Just a note to let you know that Knuckle Lights, created here in Oregon, now come in a rechargeable version. You can get them through their website for $59.99 (the original ones are $39.99). If you've been looking for a more Earth-friendly to illuminate your runs and be safe & seen, these are a great option. Here are two great reasons:

  1. The original Knuckle Lights put out 90 lumens (one on each hand). The rechargeable Knuckle Lights shine at a super-bright 280 lumens!
  2. You don't have to plug them in ... just set them in the charging cradle. Bonus: you always know where they are when you get ready to go run.

“The reason we developed the rechargeable version was basically to have a lighting solution for running that was easier to use and better than anything else available,” says Knuckle Lights creator Dan Hopkins of West Linn. “I knew from our original version that it was already a very good light, and that it was truly in the best position to light a path and be seen.”

Run Oregon readers can save 10% on their rechargeable Knuckle Lights with the code KLDR2016. Knuckle Lights are Run Oregon approved … they’re bright, easy to carry, perfect for using to attract attention (of drivers, for example), and from a local company!

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