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Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Carnivore Club subscription box

Untitled Subscription: Carnivore Club Cost: $50/months with 1 subscription; $55 for 1-time box Cycle: Monthly Features: 4-6 handcrafted cured meats

Like wine, the laborious craft of cured meats is an art form that requires the diligent pursuit of perfection through endless hours of trial and error. Carnivore Club celebrates the individual recipes of each cured meat savant, no two meats are alike even when similar in name.
Each month’s box is themed around one producer specializing in a particular style of cured meats: French Charcuterie, Italian Salumi, Spanish Chorizo, South African Biltong and Artisanal Jerky are but a few. Carnivore Club loves artisans that purchase ethically treated animals, employ humane slaughtering practices, use locally sourced ingredients and have a passion for making exceptional products. Carnivore Club is about “satisfying your inner carnivore” through the discovery of amazing cured meats and the story of their creators. Enjoy the journey!

I was sent the August box from Carnivore Club, which came neatly packed in a box. The box just smelled meaty. Inside were:

Everybody has different taste palates, so I won’t go too heavy into the taste portion, besides saying that all the items tasted delicious and fresh. The packs of jerky and boxes of pepperettes were quickly tossed in my work lunchbox for afternoon fill-ups, and the summer sausage held up remarkably well. I liked cutting them up into rounds and putting them on some Ritz crackers for a mini-sandwich of sorts. It would be great to take along on a picnic with some fancy cheese and a bottle of wine.

Inside was also a little brochure that gave some background on the suppliers, as well as a definition of each food product. I loved this little touch, as it’s really cool to see recommended pairings and flavor profiles. The items themselves are not necessarily “healthy”, per se, but it’s always fun to try some new snack-type items from across the country – including here in Oregon this month. Check out their past boxes to get an idea of what you may get. If you want to get next month’s box, make sure you order by the end of August! You can also gift it – maybe as a late-summer groomsman gift, back-to-school gift, or a simple birthday choice.

Thanks to Carnivore Club for allowing us to sample a box. They believe that the best (and cheapest) way to experience their box is via a multi-month subscription, so stay tuned for our October box review in a few months as well.

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