Kickstarter of the Week: DUER performance denim

Product: DU/ER performance denim
Location: New York, New York
End Date: Friday, July 11th
Pledge Goal: $219,000 of $50,000 (Funded)

It’s summer and the weather is heating up. And while that generally means shorts weather all the way around, I unfortunately can’t avoid the need to wear nice pants. And let me tell you, as someone who is always a little overheated after my lunchtime runs, putting slacks back on is not the best feeling. Additionally, I also travel a fair amount and being cooped up in uncomfortable pants is the absolutely worst way to travel. So I was intrigued to be put in touch with Dish and DU/ER, a company that seems right up the athletic working man’s alley (they also make women’s clothes too).  Here’s some info from their Kickstarter campaign for their newest products:

We developed the Live Lite pants specifically for travelling and hot weather wear, with a lightweight, breathable, anti-bacterial and high stretch fabric engineered to keep you comfortable and cool. We used this fabric to create various styles that put all other hot weather and travel pants to shame. By combining our years of experience in the fashion industry with our knowledge of technical fabrics, we’ve created pants that are both stylish and functional, with the added features you need while travelling. Pack less, travel light, Live Lite. You deserve better than zip-off pants.

Dish and DU/ER sent me a sample pair of their A/C Pants to try out, and I was very impressed. As someone who prefers pants on the slim side, these were an ideal fit. In addition to the comfort that these presented, there were also some unique pieces to it. THe back pocket has a security flap to keep wallets and other valuables secure. There is also a ring on one of the belt loops to hold a carabiner. As someone who actually has all of his keys on a caribiner, this was a spot on feature.

However, the real feature of the pants are the vents on the thighs. They are zippered, but not gaudy. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to notice them unless you were looking for them. Under the zipper are mesh panels that allow for ventilation to flow freely.

There are actually 6 different styles, 3 for both men and women, as part of their campaign. From the Business Travel (which include the A/C Pants), to Adventure Travel and Leisure Travel, there is something out there for any style. Each pair comes with 10 design features:

The pants are all made with their Live Lite fabric:

The Live Lite collection is made of the brand new proprietary fabric T2X. This natural fabric is made from 4 different fibres to create a high-stretch, ultra-lightweight solution engineered to keep you comfortable and cool. These fibres interact with each other in a way that promotes the various beneficial properties of each, while offsetting their individual weaknesses. The TENCEL®, content absorbs moisture away from the skin and into the fabric fibres is perfect for hot temperatures, and is also a natural bacteria repellant that prevents bacteria from rapid growth. This allows for the pants to be worn your entire trip without any accompanying smell. The polyester content creates durability and strength for high-movement adventures, while the cotton content allows for breathability, and creates a soft natural feel. Lastly, spandex is what gives the fabric it’s amazing stretch providing ultimate comfort and maneuverability. All-in-all the best fabric for hot weather wear.

Each of the pants come in four colors:

  • Storm (navy blue)
  • Cinder (off-white)
  • Fatigues (green)
  • Black
  • Woodlands (brown)

You can pledge for $89/pair. Follow Dish & DU/ER on Facebook.

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