I’m a shady lady thanks to my Electric California sunnies

Thirty years on this earth have shown me that me and nice sunglasses just don't mix. The nicest pair I've ever owned were given to me to review on my blog Lipgloss and Spandex (a gorgeous pair of Michael Kors aviators), and not long after, I scratched the ever living bejeezus out of them. I haven't been able to get rid of them because they're one of my two favorite pairs (the other is a free pair of faux wood ones that are also on their last leg after having survived events such as Spartan Race). I also usually have about half a dozen pair of freebie sunglasses floating around my condo, and another half dozen in my car just in case. But I always go back to my "fancy" and beaten pair of aviators for nicer occasions, or my "casual" and battered pair of sunglasses for everyday wear. Was it possible that somewhere out in the great, wide world that there was a pair of brand new, durable sunglasses that could do it all? Electric California makes mens', womens', and childrens' sunglasses in a variety of styles, as well as snow goggles, watches, apparel, hats, bags, and accessories. All of Electric's products have a fusion of style and performance that lets you take them from the street to the slopes, or anywhere else you want to take them. With taglines like theirs ("THE WORLD'S GREATEST INDEPENDENTLY OWNED SUNGLASS BRAND. Designed in California. Made in Italy of the highest possible quality, because we can. Since 2000."), I definitely had some pretty lofty expectations.

I was sent a pair of “Knoxville S” sunglasses to try out. The Knoxville S is the sporty version of their original Knoxville model, a classic style of shades. They’re technically labelled as being men’s sunglasses on their website, but could really be considered unisex. Since I like my frames to be on the larger side, that sounded great to me! The pair I received have matte black frames and grey lenses, which I liked because it’s a great basic color combo that’s good for most any occasion. These sunglasses are perfect for any kind of physical activity due to features such as anti-slip grip on the nose pads and temple sleeves, Plasticam hinges (which are incredibly lightweight while still super strong), and “OHM” lenses (Optical Health through Melanin)–Melanin infused lenses that help to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and HEV blue light.

As promised, the lenses deliver “vivid, crisp, clear, haze-free vision.” I can get pretty sweaty, even just standing around on a hot day, and these sunglasses stayed PUT, even when I was bending over (which I thought was especially impressive since I was wearing the unisex pair, instead of a smaller women’s pair of sunglasses). They didn’t fog up, and they’re easy to clean (I ALWAYS get fingerprints all over my lenses!!!). They’re very lightweight and comfortable to wear, and remarkably sturdy. I can totally see how Electric sunglasses would appeal to more extreme athletes, such as surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with any Electric California product you purchased online, you can return it for a full refund within a year of the date of purchase, as long as it’s in the same condition and original packaging. There’s also lifetime warranty against defects in the material or workmanship (sorry, scratches aren’t covered–so keep them safe in the included drawstring pouch!) It’s always reassuring to know that the company you’re ordering from stands behind their products.

If you’re more of a “I need to try it on before I buy it” kind of person (and I don’t blame you!), there are nearly a dozen retailers in the Portland area who carry Electric sunglasses.

As for me, I’m already eyeing my next pair of Electric shades–I really like these Danger Cat sunglasses… maybe in every color!

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