What Run Oregon is Trying: VerveLoop+ Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earbuds

VerveLoop+ Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earbuds by Motorola

After years of running with headphones attached to my MP3 player by wires, I was thrilled to try out Motorola's VerveLoop+ Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earbuds. Sadly, I discovered that my MP3 player is so old that it doesn't have Bluetooth capability, so I tried out my earbuds with my phone instead. The Bluetooth feature synced quickly and easily and in no time I was set to listen to music. The VerveLoop+ came with 4 different sizes of earbud gels and 3 stabilizers. I went with the smallest size earbud gel, but I felt like I could have used one slightly smaller if it had been available. I have never used earbuds with stabilizers, so I didn't even know what the little orange devices were until I looked at a picture of the girl on the box using them. I tried all of the stabilizer sizes/shapes and decided that either I didn't know how to properly wear them or my ears are not shaped like the majority of the population. I chose to remove them since they weren't helping stabilize the earbuds for me.

Charging the headphones was convenient and simple. There is a port on the volume control area to attach to a USB and charge. The charge is said to last for 9.5 hours of playtime. I guess I haven’t had my headphones on for quite that long, as I have not yet had to recharge my earbuds.  The power and volume access is handy and easily adjusted. I still have to think about which button to push for turning the volume up or down, but the control is raised so you can kind of feel if you are about to push the correct button.

When wearing the VerveLoop+ on my runs, I liked how light the device was overall. It didn’t feel like the bulky wired headphones of my past. I have no complaints about the sound quality, billed as HD quality sound. My music came in clearly and was well-balanced. The only issue I had was with the right earbud. Since my earbud gels could have been a different size and the volume/power control is on the right side, the slight extra weight of that control made it so my right earbud kept slipping out. As long as I periodically pressed my right earbud in, I was able to keep it intact. I will be testing the earbuds with different sized gels to get the perfect fit.

There are plenty of cool features on the VerveLoop+. One is the ability to take calls. They have a microphone integrated within, so that if you wish to take a call while on the run, you can do so. You can even use Siri or Google Now. You also have up to 150 feet of range if you need to set your phone (or other device) down while wearing your VerveLoop+. I found that my range was slightly interrupted if I went around a corner and into another room, but I tend to have my phone nearby if using for a run, so that really isn’t an issue. The big bonus is that these earbuds are sweat and waterproof. While these are not meant for use in the water, the earbuds can withstand immersion for up to 30 minutes, so if you drop your headphones in a puddle (or worse) all is not lost. That’s good news for us runners in the Pacific Northwest!

Overall, I am loving the VerveLoop+ Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earbuds. In fact, I think I’ll be out shopping for a new MP3 player soon just so I can use these regularly on my runs, as I’m not a fan of carrying my phone with me while running.

These can be purchased online for $79.99 at the VerveLife website or on Amazon.


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