Tips on Pokemon Go-ing on your next run

Look what I found in my egg!

by Marya Van Metre, Run Oregon reader and mom to very active three-year-old twins

Editor’s Note: I am a little confused by the whole Pokemon thing, and I didn’t have enough memory on my phone to download it and try it out. Fortunately Marya Van Metre, who always knows about the newest apps, was willing to explain it to me. The first thing she told me was that those people who are falling off cliffs and walking into traffic while playing are just idiots. If you have the app open, your phone will vibrate when there’s a Pokemon to catch near you. So please, don’t be an idiot. Always be aware of your surroundings, look both ways before you cross, and stay safe.

This post could have been titled, “Pokemon Go For a Run?” or “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not another article about that stupid game!”

I look at my training schedule: 5 miles easy. Got it. Ok, so … I downloaded this app last week (because social media was going on and on about it.) Wonder if I could use it while I’m running? Might as well give it a try!

First, I must make sure I have as many eggs as possible incubating so I can accumulate some km to “hatch” them. Check.

Next, I put my earbuds in and cue up a podcast. Bonus, I can hear if I pass any “Pokestops,” so that I can collect more gear to help me “catch them all.”

Ok, on with the run. I don’t look at my phone; I don’t need any help tripping and falling, I do just fine on my own, thankyouverymuch. I hold my phone in my hand and wait for the sound of a “Pokestop” or a vibration alerting me to the presence of a Pokemon.

Not from this run, but the kids like to play with the monsters, too.

Pokestops only require a few flicks of the thumb to complete, but actually catching the Pokemon requires a tad bit more attention to the screen. For that, I stop. I don’t need to run into the middle of the street, or trip over the curb, or run into fellow Pokemon hunters. Let’s be safe out there!

I returned to my doorstep 5 miles later with many new Rattatas, Zubats, and Pidgeys (as well as a few other less common Pokemons), and even hatched an egg!

Bonus, I definitely ran those 5 miles easy! We all know that we sometimes need a little help with that!


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