Planning a “runcation” this summer? Consider Glamping!



Summer is in full swing and is obviously the time for vacations or “run-cations” across the country. I am heading to Anaheim and Hawaii in the next few months and am already planning out  my running routes and (hopefully!) races. While I travel a bit for work and we try to be a relatively active and mobile family throughout the year, we try to make our summers the one big vacation – complete with those memory-making experiences. One such way to make memories is by exploring new and unique places to run  AND awesome places to stay. One such place I have stumbled upon is Glamping Hub.

10931404_821902094534505_8240218478485048855_nGlamping, is a fusing of Glamour and camping. And while that may feel like a “copout” to those of you out there who could get by with a sleeping bag and a tarp, there are others who are wanting a little bit more than that. I should be clear that glamping is not just wallet-busting rustic lodges and cabins (though there are a lot of really cool low to mid-priced rugged locations), but expands further into really cool and unique lodging. I first heard about Glamping Hub when I stayed completed my Make a Day of It post about The Vintages and my interest has been piqued ever since.

If you look at the map, there are not only locations all over Oregon, but all over the country and world. My guess is that if you are travelling this summer, you are likely to find something nearby. And, like I mentioned earlier, it’s not just cabins. There are yurts, tipis, safari tents, caves (!), campers, and even treehouses! In fact, stay tuned later this summer for a Run Oregon feature after our very own Annette checks out one such local treehouse stay through Glamping Hub (thank you to GH for providing us with a stay to see for ourselves).

As a starting point, I recommend just pursuing their site (but make sure you have spare time as it’s easy to get lost in the awesomeness that you may uncover). If you don’t have a vacation scheduled yet, you may want to check out their page on 2016 Summer Getaways for ideas. We also recommend following their social media pages for inspiration and awesomeness:

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