Kickstarter of the Week: AMMO Athletic

AMMO Athletic Product: AMMO Loaded BaseLayer Short and 3/4 Tight This week's Kickstarter of the Week just launched today! We reached out to the creators of AMMO Athletic and asked for some feedback as to how they got started and the benefits of their product. Here is what they said:

We started AMMO Athletic because we were tired of spending our money on performance wear that doesn’t fit and starts breaking down after a few wears. AMMO is all about bringing fit, feel and performance back. No longer will flashy marketing campaigns take precedent over quality products. It’s time athletes everywhere had a new choice.” The AMMO base layers have application for every guy. We’ve had a number of athletes buy in bulk so they could wear AMMO all day, every day. From trails to the corner office, AMMO’sergonomic design and super lightweight Italian nylon will keep you cool, dry and supported at all times. Plus, their fortified, Made-in-the-USA construction ensures you won’t break the bank replacing them every 1-2 months. Our shorts have received acclaim from some of the biggest names in health & fitness for a reason, and that’s because they’re a game-changer. We’re excited to continue that with our 3/4 tights.


AMMO sent me a sample pair of their compression shorts, which retail in their webstore for about $38 (save 10% on first order by signing up for their newsletter). They are comfortable and keep things secure with their 90% nylon &  10% LYCRA construction. Add in a supportive pouch in the front, and these things really jump near the top of my basewear. Even though they are compression shorts, they still have a good amount of stretch without feeling overbearingly restrictive. I have worn these a few times and am thrilled with the quality and construction.

This Kickstarter campaign is taking the compression shorts and expanding their creation of AMMO 3/4 tights. You may have seen some NBA stars wearing 3/4 tights, and they seem to be increasingly popular for active men. You can pledge to recieve for:

Base Layer Short:

  • Early Bird: $27 (first 100 – 37% off)
  • Regular: $32 (26% off)

3/4 Tight:

  • Early Bird: $35 (first 100 – 37% off)
  • Regular: $40 (24% off)

In addition to their compression wear, they also have a variety of other products on their webstore – including hats and a large variety of top styles (hoodies, tanks, 3/4 sleeves, and t-shirts). Follow AMMO Athletic on Facebook and check out AMMO Athletic’s Kickstarter campaign.


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