Youth Runner Elite Middle School Camp back in Portland in August 2016 *GIVEAWAY*

It’s summertime again, which can mean only thing for parents. Thoughts of “how the heck do I get my kids out of the house”. Fear not fellow parents, the Youth Runner Middle School Camp is back again this year.

From August 6-11, 2016 (and 8th-11th for half-day participants), middle schoolers will head to Lewis and Clark College. There will be students from all over the country coming to Portland to participate in the Elite camp.

  • Full Week Camp
    • Saturday, August 6th-11th
    • $950
  • Four Day Camp
    • Saturday, August 6th-9th
    • $615
  • Four Day Camp Commuter (or Full Week Communter)
    • $375 or $525

Here is a description from their website:

You’re going to have fun and make new friendships while getting some one-on-one advice from experienced coaches and athletes! Everyday, a guest Olympian or record holder will stop by to tell you their story, answer your questions, and even run the trails with you! On top of that, you’ll learn about training, keeping a running journal, injury prevention, mental toughness, and some other tips that will give you that edge. You’ll leave with a plan that will see you through the season, as well as access to your camp coach through emails and phone calls until the end of cross-country season!

Register here and read on for what to expect.


Email us for your chance to win one of two giveaways. Let us know which one you would like to be entered in:

  1. Half Day Camper
  2. Week-Commuter Camper

Winners will be selected on July 1!


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