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Opedix produces scientifically engineered apparel designed to activate your movement system, also known as your kinetic chain. Incorporated into garments designed for training, rehab and everyday pursuits, our patented technology promotes dynamic alignment and optimal joint function – allowing you to do the activities you love longer, better, and with less pain and fatigue. We call it Kinetic Health Gear. And it powers the way you move.

Opedix Technology was designed to activate the body’s kinetic chain, improving the motion and control of your joints. When they all work harmoniously, your body’s dynamic alignment and overall movement are dramatically improved. Our technology is a true game changer. Developed in partnership with renowned orthopedic surgeons and biomechanical scientists, Opedix technology optimizes the way you move across the full spectrum: training, performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

  • Reduce wear and tear on joints
  • Recover from injury
  • Increase endurance, decrease rate of fatigue
  • Get relief from every day pain
  • Improve performance
  • Achieve long-term health benefits


Untitled Impressions (Men’s Blade-Tec 2.0 Shirt):

Specs (from website):

  • Breathable moisture wicking OPX and TR+ mesh fabric to help regulate temperature and manage moisture
    • TR+ mesh banding fabric: 82% polyester/18% spandex33 Panel construction for optimal fit and function
    • OPX base fabric: 200 grams per square meter, 80% polyester/20% spandex
  • Longer cut with silicon gripper elastic at the hem to ensure proper positioning and tension while active
  • Anti-odor treatment
  • V-neck design for use under a dress shirt or sportswear

With the introduction of the BLADE-Tec 2.0 shirt we have extended our patented Torque Reform Technology to the upper body and connected another key link in the kinetic chain. Over two years of development work and extensive proto-typing and testing have resulted in a just right balance of compression and tension to comfortably correct muscular imbalances- improving performance, enhancing posture and reducing pain. The unique scapular support and load distribution systems provide mechanical support and enhance sensory input to promote dynamic alignment and improve stability and range of motion- allowing you to do the things you love longer, better and with less pain and fatigue. Activate your upper kinetic chain and improve the way you move through life with the BLADE-Tec 2.0.

Scapular alignment and shoulder function are critical to achieving optimal posture and maximizing range of motion and joint stability. Opedix TRT provides scapular support and promotes enhanced sensory input to correct muscular imbalances-improving performance, enhancing posture and reducing pain.


Back design

Matt: I’ll be honest – I had some reservations on the veracity of Opedix’ claims. Sure, there is science behind their designs, but it all just seemed a little too good to be true. I am not going to delve too deep into the technical aspects of the shirt, but I strongly encourage you to read about them here.

The shirt is pretty darn tight, which makes sense given that its construction places compression bands, that align with certain areas on your body, to assist with fatigue and injury. Compression is necessary to ensuring that the body’s “kinetic chain” is aligned and supported.

While tightness and compression isn’t generally my running shirt of choice, it wasn’t uncomfortable by any means. The front looks like a normal compression shirt and the back (as can be seen in the adjoining picture) shows some of the criss-crossing bands.

I’ll be honest, I actually noticed a difference on my first, and subsequent runs. While my movement wasn’t restricted (I wasn’t running like a stiff out there), I could definitely tell when my posture started to dip, as it would feel tighter around the bands. The compression allowed me to 1) be more cognizant when my form started to deteriorate and 2) provide enough compression to help keep me in my peak form longer. I probably haven’t used it with the length and frequency to see significant results, but even a skeptic such as myself witnessed the results first hand on a small scale. It may have been a coincidence that my first run in them yielded a drop of about 15 sec/mile off my previous days run, even though I was halfway through a 6 hour roadtrip and at an elevation thousands of feet above normal. I don’t believe it hurt though and could understand that running with a more aligned posture and upright posture would lead to great oxygen flow – potentially allowing me more efficient breathing and faster paces.

I would believe that those who do struggle with actual upper body pain or alignment problems would be helped out by utilizing these in all their runs. It’s a relatively hefty investment for a shirt (at $125), but with all the technology involved, this may be an item that could lead to years of efficient running, or even keep people healthy and aligned appropriately to stay healthy and continue to run. And that is something that may prove priceless.

Impressions (Women’s Duel-Tec 2.0 Tights):

Specs (from website):

  • Breathable moisture wicking OPX and TR+ mesh fabric to help regulate temperature and manage moisture
    • OPX base fabric: 200 grams per square meter, 80% nylon/20% spandex
    • TR+ mesh banding fabric: 82% nylon/18% spandex
  • Inseam length: Medium-21 ½ inches
  • 21-panel construction for optimal fit and function
  • External draw-cord at the waist
  • Low-profile elastic waistband for improved fit and comfort
  • Anti-odor treatment
  • Available in black with white contrast stitching


Being in the fitness industry for more years than I want to admit, I’ve seen a lot of fads and gimmicks come and go, making me especially skeptical with products. I have friends who swear by their compression socks, though I’m still not convinced. When my favorite running celebrity sported magnetic jewelry, I didn’t buy into the hype so I’m pretty old school and always skeptical of the latest trends. With that said, I’ve been extremely frustrated with a cranky knee and decided I had nothing to lose testing these out. I wear some pretty wild leggings, but my first impression was that these were unique. They are all black, but the stitching stands out, so they look almost robot-like. I know I wasn’t testing these for a fashion statement, but my first thought was that friends might think I was going for a mini ‘Terminator’ look.


These are not your typical running tights. These are designed to mold and form perfectly with your body. That means that the first wear there are tearing sounds- like you’ve busted out seams. Fortunately, the instructions noted this otherwise it might have sent me into a panic. I kept looking for threads sticking out, but didn’t find a single one. These are tight, no doubt about that and even give me a little bit of a muffin top, but I must say the muffin top is worth it. I guess I like compression gear after all, because I loved these from my first run. It’s hard to say if my legs were less fatigued with these, but I appreciate how they hold everything in place and reduce vibration. It wasn’t that my knee instantly stopped nagging, but I’m excited to see if they help with longer use. Holding everything in place and ‘forcing’ better alignment, I’m definitely hopeful they can help my stubborn knee. These will get continue to get plenty of miles and I’m planning on wearing them to bed the night after my next marathon for recovery to see if they help.

I started as a skeptic, but can confidently say I’m pretty into these.  They haven’t made me super-human by any means, but I like the compression and especially like that nothing jiggles when I run. Opedix offers a kinetic tracker online too. Participants take an online quiz before wearing their product and then again 30 days later to track the results, a fun feature. I was somewhat surprised by the compliments I got with these. My only goal was to help my knee, but people liked them as simply leggings. So maybe they are fashionable AND functional. Regardless, I only care about the functional aspect and these stood the test.


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