Kickstarter of the Week: Audibility Customs Custom-Fit Headphones

Product: Audibility Customs Custom-Fit Headphones Location: Portland, OR Kickstarter End Date: June 17, 2016 Current Pledge: $14,557 of $10,000 (Funded!) As someone who is always listening to music, both at work and while running, I have been through my fair share of headphones. Though sound is important, I have always found that the "make or break" point is the fit. It doesn't matter if the sound is top-notch, if they don't fit well in my ears, I am not likely to wear them. It appears that local company, Audibility, is seeking to make that a non-issue with their Kickstarter campaign.

I encourage you to head to their Kickstarter campaign for details but, in a nutshell, their custom fit headphones will allow you to mold earbuds for your specific ears – nobody elses! Here are the steps:

  • Place earbuds in your ear
  • Mix custom molding
  • Apply molding over the buds
  • Enjoy comfort!

And at only $39, that’s a steal. I can’t tell you how much I have plunked down for a great pair of headphones, only to see them start gathering dust because they just are uncomfortable.

Additionally, each purchase will help people worldwide with hearing aids. Audibility has partnered with the Hear The World Foundation and 10% of every purchase goes directly to this worthwhile cause.


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