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What Run Oregon is Wearing: Comfy bottoms and a lightweight jacket for your spring and summer runs from Eider

The Airy JKT 2.0 from Eider. Perfect for running, but possibly too pretty to get stinky.

Read on to find out about running shorts and a jacket from a previously-not-known-for-running company, Eider. Eider Airy JKT 2.0 I almost titled this review, "I never want to wear this jacket for running," but I thought that might be misleading, because the first review I've got lined up for you in this post is an amazing, comfy jacket with well-thought-out features. But it's so cool looking that I've been wearing it as just a regular jacket, and the compliments I've received on it only confirm my decision to keep it stink-free! The jacket is the Airy JKT 2.0 W, from Eider. You may have heard of Eider as the maker of high-quality winter gear, but they have a line of running clothing for both men and women as well. Aside from being a very lightweight material in attractive colors (mine is a charcoal color, which they call Ghost; there's also a jade color named Spearmint), what I like most about this jacket is the collar. Normally, a thin, lightweight material like this will have no collar or one that really does nothing unless it's zipped all the way up, which can then chafe. But this jacket's collar stays up, even when the jacket isn't zipped all the way up! So, that means I don't have a zipper digging into the bottom of my chin and my neck stays warm. My second-most-favorite feature is the chest snap: a small strip of fabric connects the two sides of the open jacket so that it doesn't fly off your shoulders if you don't have it zipped, or have only the very bottom zipped. I think all jackets should have these two features. Those, and the slightly longer hemline in the back, which keeps the jacket down over your bottom as you run. 

The jacket weighs less than 5 oz, and is water resistant. I found this out fairly quickly one afternoon – it will keep you dry until the heavens really open up in which case, the only dry runners are those that are already home. There are mesh panels under the arms to keep that area well-ventilated. A quirk in the design is that the jacket only has one pocket, over the left hip, which opens to the back. This takes a little getting used to. That pocket is zipped, and inside there is another elasticized pocket for your phone. My HTC fits just fine, but an iPhone 6+ probably would be a little big for this pocket.

I highly recommend this jacket for those days when there’s a slight chill and potential for rain or mist. It has also served me well as a lightweight jacket to wear for sun protection when all my other jackets would create a sauna situation or just be too thick. As it doesn’t have reflective marks, I would not suggest you wear it to run at night or in low light without a reflective vest.

The Eider Airy jacket can be purchased online through Amazon; prices as of this post vary from $63 to $140. Be sure to review their size guide before ordering, since this is a European company. A size 8 (in U.S. sizing) would order a size 40, for example, so you can’t even really guess. There’s a men’s version, too, which comes in that same charcoal (“ghost”) and a 2-tone version (“ghost/juniper”). I found the men’s Airy online at TrekkInn for $85; but it looks like you can purchase previous seasons’ colors as well.

Eider Move Short 2.0

It seems that what Eider does well is create breathable, comfortable fabrics. The Move Short 2.0 (women’s) that I tried out were smooth and soft, but what I think is even more impressive, is that they are longer than your average running short without looking, well, too long. The 12-cm inseam (4 3/4) means you can wear it without worrying about that inner-thigh chafe. The cut is close through the leg but not too tight in the rear, with a wide elastic waistband. I ordered the size 42 (a U.S. size 10) and felt that it ran pretty true to size.

The fabric itself is a little stretchy, with elastic notches sewn in on the sides of the legs in a complementary color. The women’s shorts come in black (grey details), “petrol” (which I’d call slate blue) (lime details), and “6105” – which is a minty green similar to the trim on the jacket pictured above (with grey details). The shorts weigh less than 3 oz. and dry in about four minutes flat. The shorts do have a liner, so you don’t need to wear undergarments – I did anyway (I always do) and did not think anything felt like it was bunching up. There is one pocket in the back big enough for a gel and a credit card, or a car key if you want – it’s zippered so you can stash things away safely.

The Eider Move Short also comes in a men’s style, named the Eider Move Short 3.0 M; they have a 19-cm inseam (7.5 inches). The men’s only come in black and petrol.

The women’s Move Short 2.0 can be bought on Amazon here for $60 and the men’s is available at TrekkInn for $67. I also found a beautiful Eider Move Skirt 2.0, which is also at TrekkInn for $46.



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