Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Boxtera subscription box

Subscription: Boxtera
Cost: $16.25-$19.95/month (the longer the subscription term, the cheaper per month)
Cycle: monthly
Features: 5 full sized healthy snack products

In my family, we snack. I have two young teenagers who claim they are starving again shortly after they got up from the table. We are out and about a lot with family trips or weekly activities, and in the car we snack when it’s not time for a meal yet. I tend to get in a rut when buying snacks and offer the same few things, and that’s why Boxtera with its variety of healthy choices appealed to me. 

I received a trial box with sample sizes of a variety of snacks. My box came with Peanut Butter Bites, Garlic Sesame Sticks, Organic Super Green Energy Bites, A-maize-ing Pops, A-maize-ing Pops Cheddar, and Red Pepper Banana Chips. For the trial box, I did not have any choice in selecting my snacks.

The first thing I tried were the Garlic Sesame Sticks. These little crunchy pieces are my favorites in pub mix or airplane snack bags, but unfortunately Boxtera’s much healthier version did not quite live up to my expectations. They were a little bland for me, but they would be great when mixed with other snacks. The Peanut Butter Bites were devoured by my teenager and I barely got a crumb, so I rate them highly! The Super Green Energy Squares may look a little odd, but they have a great flavor, and the sesame seeds give them a pleasant crunch. The Red Pepper Banana Chips add a spicy twist to the banana chips you probably already know. It’s a noticeable but pleasant spice that balances out the sweet of the banana. Finally, the A-Maize-ing Pops in original and cheddar flavors really are amazing. These half popped corn kernels are popped enough to not hurt your teeth, but won’t go stale like some other bagged popcorn snacks might. The original seasalt flavor is subtle and delicious without being greasy, and the cheddar flavor is far above any other cheddar flavored snack I have tried.

When you are ready to subscribe, there are many options. You can either have Boxtera chose the flavors, which will give you a mix of sweet, savory, salty, sour, and spicy. Or you can build your own box, where you choose from the over 40 different snacks to get exactly what you’d like. The three different sizes of boxes are called standard (5 snacks), family (10 snacks), and company (20 snacks).

You also have choices in your subscription length. You can order and pay for one month’s box for $19.95, and it will auto-renew each month. You will be able to pick your snacks each month before the box ships. If you subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months, it essentially works the same way, except you are pre-paying for the entire duration, which is more expensive up front, but can cut the per-month cost down to as low as $16.25.

Finally, you can choose to buy the snacks individually. The snacks range in price from $4-$8, so if you want to add on an extra snack to your box order, you are able to do that as well.

The subscription will auto-renew at the end of each subscription term. However, you are able to easily cancel the subscription at any time in your online account profile.

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