Get Gorgeous while running at the 2016 Gorgeous Portland Pub Relay (May 21)

If the definition for beer goggles is "used to refer to the supposed influence of alcohol on one's visual perception, whereby one is sexually attracted to people who would not otherwise be appealing", then maybe it would stand to reason that the tagline for the 2016 Gorgeous Portland Pub Relay should be "a race used to refer to the supposed influence of beer on one runner's perception, whereby one is physically attracted to running 26.2 miles for people who would not otherwise find a marathon appealing". The race is straightforward in its construction - teams of up to 6 take turns completing 26.2 miles of course between 6 of Portland's local breweries. Last year saw runners going between these half-dozen:

That alone is enough to get me signed up. But here’s where things get a little awesomely funky – the course and breweries are kept a secret until each runner arrives at the subsequent pub. We do know that this year’s event will start and finish at Ecliptic Brewing, but the rest remains a mystery. Robin participated in the inaugural 2015 event and had this to say:

The relay is set up so that you know which pub you are starting at (and where you will eventually end up) but the map to the next pub is not given until the runner from your team arrives from their leg.  The runner checks in, gets a map to hand off to the next runner and a map to give to the driver to meet at the next pub.  I highly recommend having a runner who will not be imbibing in the spirits or having a friend who doesn’t mind not running or drinking to drive the drunk tank (I mean, relay runners) around.

Depending on your team size will determine how many miles you could be logging…. and don’t get turned around!  We had a “six pack” to tackle the six legs with the longest being a 5.3 mile run…itwas a fun time and I know my teammates had a blast.

This could get interesting for some people who aren’t familiar with Portland, but it’s the best kind of scavenger hunt there is. I am excited to see where the legs will take us, and even though I’ve been to 90% of the breweries in Portland – I still can’t wait. Last year the race was earlier in the day, which caused some confusion as some pubs weren’t even open. Communication is sure to be better this year, and with an 11am start time, this doesn’t figure to be an issue. Also, the RD’s were trying this idea out last year and the event was completely FREE. However, this year, teams can register for $65/runner – and the kinks that they experienced in their inaugural event will definitely be ironed out.

Samples may be given, but definitely don’t forget your ID and payment to imbibe after your legs. Race entry will include a shirt, medal, and pint glass. Teams will need to provide a volunteer – but the best kind of volunteer is one on a beer event, in my opinion. Registration is still open, but don’t delay as there is mandatory packet pick-up on 5/15!

Gorgeous Portland Pub Relay 
When: 11am
Where: Start and Finish at Ecliptic Brewing
Register: Online here;

5-6 Runners = $390
3-4 Runners = $260
2 Runners = $130
Solo = $65

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