Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Graze Box

Subscription: Graze Box Cost: $11.99-$13.99 per week Cycle: Weekly Features: Healthy, tasty snacks delivered each week I am a snacker. I am constantly on the go between work, kid activities, and workouts. Some days it is almost 3:00 p.m. before I remember to eat lunch, which has horrible repercussions to my energy and my mood. This is where Graze boxes come in handy for me- health conscience snacks that I can eat on the run. Created with a nutritionist, these snacks pack a lot of flavor into convenient size packages, and you can feel good that you aren’t blowing your calories for the day. Each snack is designed to give you something your body needs, whether it'a protein, fiber, minerals or essential vitamins. Each snack package is 150 calories or less. Since they are prepackaged, portion control is easy and the packages fit into a purse or a gym bag.

Going through their website is sort of like being a kid going into a candy store, albeit one filled with dried fruits, seeds, popcorn and nuts- the variety is almost overwhelming. There are currently 104 snacks available. I tried out an 8 Snack Variety Box, which had a mix of dried fruit, seeds for a boost of energy, dark chocolate peppermint buttons with almonds and yogurt, a yummy raspberry and coconut muffin, thai sweet chili bites, kettle corn pops and hickory smoked BBQ peas and nuts. I tend to eat healthy, and sometimes I let nutrition overtake my sense of taste when I am picking a snack. The amazing thing about the Graze Box was that I didn’t need to give up taste for a healthy snack. Of course you shake your head in disbelief, but there is proof. I left the Graze Box sitting on the dining room table where my kids sometimes sit and do homework. Since my three teenage boys never stop eating, they of course started to dig into the Graze Box, and they ate just about everything. I had to hurry up and sample stuff before they wolfed them down.

You can customize your own boxes or you can select from a couple different types of snack boxes such as a savory box, a sweet treat box, a top 20 box, a breakfast box, or an afternoon pick-me-up box. If there is an ingredient you don’t like in a box, you can give feedback to Graze and they will make sure not to send you any boxes with that ingredient. You can also start and stop the service online whenever you want.

Graze works with small suppliers for their ingredients and has tried to use environmentally sensitive materials, including recyclable plastic boxes and shipping in 100% recyclable boxes. My only criticism of this product is  my guilt with the single serve packaging, but on the whole I am very impressed with the quality and taste of this product. It would be fun to explore a wider variety of these snacks and see what comes in the mail each week and I know my boys would agree.

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