Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Eat, Feed, Love subscription box (50% DISCOUNT CODE included)

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review. In this post, Run Oregon’s Abby Meek reviews a Taste Club Box from Eat, Feed, Love.


Company: Eat.Feed.Love

Price: Varies, depending on box size. $22-$45

Description: Eat. Feed. Love. is a box-of-the-month club that delivers hip, gourmet products  their customer’s door. Boxes include products ranging from condiments, oils, vinegars, chocolate, jams, tea, coffee and kitchenware. From the company’s website:

Our company is modeled upon the principle of sharing. We share our kitchen, our recipes and our love of good food with our community every day. But we wanted to share more than just delicious recipes. So, we thought ‘What if helping to eliminate hunger could be as easy as buying a really great olive oil or a nice jar of jam?’

Every single purchase made, Eat Feed Love feeds a person in need. Every single one. We’ve fed thousands of people since it’s inception, and we’d love to feed thousands more. We do this by partnering with reputable and responsible charities dedicated to eliminating hunger around the world.

EFL, prides itself on being different from other food box companies out there—they have a purpose to go with their passion for delivering tasty condiments and foods to their customer’s doorstep. This was something that piqued my interest, before even trying their products.
IMG_1164Impressions: The box that was delivered was packaged simply but elegantly, with each product wrapped in recycled paper. A letter was included which described each product included in the current shipment and which organization they were partnering with that month (The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank).

The products included were interesting, attractive, tasty, and fun. The recipes included spices to use to create a few twists on old favorites like Shepard’s Pie and Irish Soda Bread. Here is what was included in my box: Wilder horseradish mustard, Laguna Salt Company’s Malted Vinegar Sea Salt,  O.G. Hickory Beef Jerky, Bob’s Red Mill caraway seeds, arrowroot powder, and Mt. Rose Bloody Mary Mix. All the fixins’ of some favorite winter comfort food.  I decided to try my hand at a few of the suggestions.

Shepard’s Pie is one of my family’s favorite meals. My brother and I have actually competed to find out which one of us can make the better pie. Being the older sibling, I have had a few more years to perfect my recipe. The recipe for Shepard’s Pie provided by EFL substituted the included arrowroot powder, instead of a regular thickening agent like gluten-containing flour. I was impressed at how well it worked, and will use it in future cooking for my gluten-free friends. Coconut oil was substituted for traditional vegetable oil, and the malted vinegar salt was used in place of regular salt, which was a funky and interesting alternative. I topped it all off with the gravy recipe made from the horseradish mustard–delish!


The items included in the Taste Club Box + recipes.

The box from EFL  inspired me to try a few new recipes, like the ‘Mustard Gravy.’ However, I would prefer to have something delivered that contained products that I would use daily or wouldn’t require a lot of prep time. I did like how the ingredients would be used in more than one dish, and could be used in other recipes and dishes besides the ones included.

For $45 a a pop, I think I’d rather pick out my own items. One could go in on a subscription with a friend and make a plan to cook dinner together once a month or throw a dinner party to test out the recipes. Since I don’t really like to grocery shop anyway (I know, it’s sad)— my husband does the cooking and shopping, while I prefer to make the grocery list and clean the house. But, that’s neither here nor there. The best part, in my opinion, was the fact that your purchase supports a different charity. Giving back is always trendy and delicious!

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