Can You Outrun a Fart? Running Roundup – a collection of running-related links

Submitted without explanation or commentary:

You think running on a treadmill is boring because you don’t go anywhere?: Tim Peake is going to run a marathon on a treadmill, and with an anticipated finishing time of under 4 hours, he’ll also go across the world more than two times! That’s because Peake is a British astronaut on the International Space “I, which completes an orbit around the Earth every 92 minutes. That’s got to be an awesome view out the window!

So I’m not weird just because I once thought up an exam question while running laps on the track: Science explains why running clears the mind and helps overcome creativity blocks.

Age is no excuse for not running: Running isn’t for everyone, but “I’m too old to go running” is an excuse that should be used by … nobody. Not when you consider 82-year-old Diana Green, who’s running her 13th London Marathon this year. Or 100-year-old Ida Keeling, who’s still competing in track events!

Is this like having Hal 9000 watching over your fitness progress?: If you really want accountability, there’s a new mirror that takes a 3D scan of your body to measure weight, fat percentage, etc. I wonder if the manufacturer is going to contract the voice of Hal 9000 to say something like, “Close the fridge door….”

Need some motivation tips?: This column offers nine tips for sticking to a workout routine. I follow #1 (write down your workouts) via Fitocracy, #3 (keep a food journal) via Lose It!, #6 (mix it up) via my Concept2 rowing machine, and #8 (reward yourself) via Chipotle – oh wait, it’s not supposed to be a food reward….

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