A Love Letter to Nuu Muu

12801555_10101375326022434_4572419256458975606_nDearest NuuMuu,

Last spring, reviewed your Classic athletic dress, and it was love at first wear. The material and cut set this piece of apparel far apart from any other workout wear (and I have a LOT of workout wear to compare it to). Silky smooth, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free, and – whether you like your athletic apparel to be form-fitting, or loose and flowing – this dress makes me look and feel FABULOUS.

I was thrilled when you came out with a new “low-neckline” dress design – I get pretty hot and sweaty when I’m working out – and appreciate the extra ventilation of the new Scoop dress! The fit throughout the arms and body is the same great fit as your original dress, and the length is long enough to let me feel covered, without making me feel dowdy (I can pair it with the shorts or tights depending on the weather or my style that day).

This dress can go anywhere–from a casual office to the gym to the streets to the beach to the mountain, it’s so ready to keep me comfortable wherever I want to go (Nuu Muu, that’s so thoughtful of you). I’m also really loving the pocket on the lower back. And the new patterns you have for spring are AWESOME. My dress is in the Zen pattern, a mod black pattern with small white bars.

I love it. I love you. I can’t get enough of your silky smooth magic.

Can you come out with a running skort too? And a pullover hoodie? And undies? And a sports bra? Because I want every inch of my body covered in Nuu Muu goodness.



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