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Try a new stew!

**Disclaimer: This article is not for the easily grossed out or those with weak stomachs!

Most runners have heard the African parable regarding the lion and the gazelle, with the punch line being, ‘when the sun comes up, you better be running’. Four out of three questionable anthropologists agree that humans developed the trait of being bipedal so that they could join the chase while scavenging food due to the difference in speed. With the advent of Starbucks, aid stations, and post race grub, we have lost our innate ability to scavenge while on the go and our team of creative scientists here at RunOregon would like to share the ways we could look into reviving this classic feeding behavior.

As runners, we experience all different environments from urban to residential, race day and training days. So it makes sense that our grazing selection might vary which we took into account with this article. Following are a few basic recipes, take with a grain of salt and alter to taste!

Gu Stew

This is a prime race staple, with great pickings at the longer distances. Most runners are too impatient when sucking down these pick me ups and everyone knows the most valuable nutrients sink to the bottom of the packet. Grab a handful, squeeze them into your palm and stir before consumption!

Salamander Salad

In some shady back country areas, it is common to see salamanders that just didn’t quite make it across the road. Now, it is common knowledge that Dandelion salad is quite nutritious but lacking in the protein department. Cover all your bases with your greens and meats in this scrumptious snack.

Sidewalk Cafe Snack

This one is a little harder to judge, but great for a quick mid run pick up. Just head by an outside eatery and grab a quick pinch of anything that looks tasty. Bonus points for interval training if the meal consumer takes the ‘borrowing’ a little personal.

The Black Hole Bagel

Most races have bagels as post race fuel. Flashing back to the age old myth of the sandwich, just split it open and place everything that is offered between the bread. Get all your nutrients in one relatively tidy package and save a hand to wash it down with Gu Stew.



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