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In 1971 Terramar Sports was established with one goal in mind. To provide outdoor enthusiasts with products that offer the perfect combination of form, fit and function. We firmly believe the key to staying warm, dry and comfortable in all conditions and activities starts at the base layer. For over forty years Terramar has been dedicated to utilizing the finest natural and synthetic fibers, fabrics and technologies to deliver what the customer needs. From the inside out.

Matt’s Products:


Each piece comes in a few basic color schemes – nothing too fancy, but very crisp, classic, and clean.

Cloud Nine Scroll Bottoms

Abby’s Products:

Thermawool Full Zip ($70)


I LOVED the Thermawool Full Zip Top. I have never worn something for 3 consecutive runs in a row, let alone without washing it! Somehow it is engineered not to stink=less washing=won’t wear out as fast. The Thermawool Full Zip is hands-down my favorite piece of the three I received from Terramar. The merino wool and microfiber blend kept me cozy on early morning and late evening runs that averaged somewhere between 45-53 degrees. The full zip has a rating of 4.0 which is considered “extreme” but it never left me feeling too hot or super sweaty. The breathability of the jacket and its ability to wick moisture away kept me happy and dry. The first time that I wore it I had just a sports bra on underneath, because I was sure I would become too hot. However, it was as pleasant as could be.  The two other runs I wore a tank underneath and still felt warm and cozy. The full zip is made out 70% Micro-Polyester, 30% Merino Wool, Inside: 100% Micro-Polyester.

The Cloud Nine Scroll Bottoms are a base layer that would be good for winter sports and less for running. Regardless, they are super light-weight and fashionable (love the pattern!) and are great under leggings or a water-resistant pant for extremely cold runs. the warmth factor on these are a 2.0 or “warmer” rating. To be honest, I wasn’t comfortable wearing them outside because they seemed more like long underwear. I’m glad I didn’t because they were too big and started to slip. I would definitely go a size smaller on these babies, because you don’t want to spend your whole run adjusting your pants. However, they make excellent lounge wear and would be amazing on a snowshoe trip that I still need to take this winter.  The bottoms are made of 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex.

Last but certainly not least, is the Cloud Nine Scoop Top. This top is a complement to the bottoms and is very soft unlike some spandex tops. It has a brushed surface that is not only comfortable but traps air and allows for increased airflow/breathability. The stitching down the front is cute but to me, it felt like it drew attention to my midsection where I didn’t want it. The top had sleeves that were long enough for my lengthy appendages but as a whole it was a bit too tight for my taste. Again, it is a great top for layering underneath something but can certainly double as a main layer on warmer days. It too, has a warmth rating of 2.0 and is comprised of 86% polyester and 14% spandex. I do dig the thumb holes on this shirt, though I don’t often use them. However, one run I forgot my gloves and it was nice being able to give my fingers a little warmth.

Like Matt, I had never heard of Terramar before either. While opening the packaging for all three pieces I noticed that all three had a UPF rating of 25-50+. While we don’t get a lot of sun in Oregon 9 months or so out of the year, I am a huge proponent of sun safety. Perhaps I am just ready to see a little more sun in the sky now that spring is on the horizon.  Overall, I was very impressed with the pieces I was able to try out and am definitely going to keep them in my workout rotation.


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