Gear Review: rabbit Men’s Running Shorts (by Joe)

When you’ve been running as long as I have, it’s hard to get too excited about new running gear. Through the years, there are only so many improvements and design breakthroughs possible. But I was pleasantly surprised when I got a chance to test some new running clothes from Santa Barbara, California start-up rabbit.

The rabbit men’s running shorts I received are comfortable, well-designed, functional, and just plain cool. The fabric is very soft and light, and unlike any of my many other running shorts. The size and cut are perfect, with plenty of give, but not quite a full split-side design. The combination of material and tailoring felt great both on long, moderate training runs and during speed workouts.

Aesthetically, the rabbit shorts stand out with their unique blue, black, and gray asymmetrical design. They just look cool. The embroidered rabbit logo on the hip adds to the effect. Yet, the design remains simple and practical.

Well-thought-out functional features include an unobtrusive zippered outer pocket on the right rear, and an inner key pocket at the left back. At first I was a little wary of the key pocket since it lacked a fold-over top, like those in most of my other running shorts, but it is deep and roomy enough that gravity held my key securely tucked away on several runs of various lengths and paces.

The waistband is nice and wide, and the elastic is sturdy enough that you can leave the flat internal drawstring tied to the proper fit and just pull the shorts off and on without needing to re-tie each time.

One final detail that won me over I only noticed when I was putting them in the laundry: The lining is subtlety decorated with a multitude of small rabbit logos which double as ventilation. It’s another functional feature that also adds to the cool factor! (No pun intended).

For more information on rabbit, visit their Kickstarter site at

Stay tuned for my review of the rabbit running shirt. So far I really like it too, but the Oregon winter weather has limited my opportunities to run in short-sleeved shirts. I’m looking forward to running the Hop Hop 5K Easter race in my rabbit gear!

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