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A few months ago, our blogger Geli was previewing a Turkey Trot in Des Moines, her most recent destination race. Our tweeted post ended up getting replied to by the folks at RunIowa and a digital connection was born. Since runners are constantly travelling, both to race or just log some miles while on vacation or work, we thought it would be cool to interview each other as to how we each came about! Our very own Kelly Barten will be a guest on their upcoming podcast so make sure to check it out!

Well hello there. You’re looking mighty fancy up there in Oregon.

I’m Rob Lindquist, the founder and co-host of the RunIowa podcast. You’ve never heard of us? That’s okay, we’ve only been around since January of 2015 (Episode 0: recorded on a snowy day in my basement was actually released in December of 2014, but it’s like that third cousin’s aunt twice-removed that nobody really knows). So we’re still new. But we have heart (see below… really).

RunIowa came about because I needed motivation. Yes, I was greedy in my initial stages. But I’ve grown so much in the past year when comes to my love of running, and I wanted a good way to share it.

Originally, I created a Twitter account and tried to start some #IowaRunChat chatter on the web, only to find out there was an established Twitter chat and handle (which you may have heard of, called #RunChat). The last thing I wanted was to be confusing or confused, and my chats were stalling out pretty bad, so I changed the name to RunIowa and decided on a podcast, because really, I’m kind of a talker.

I have a background in broadcast media and currently teach high school journalism in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I’m betting you haven’t heard of that place either. But, you might know Omaha, Nebraska (President Obama was here January 13th, 2016), the home of the College World Series (your OSU Beavers won back to back – Darwin Barney was one of my faves). Maybe you have heard of Warren Buffett? We all know the rich guy at the party. Well, Council Bluffs is right across the river on the west side *throws hands up in the weirdest white-guy number three ever* of Iowa.

Ladies and gentlemen… don’t worry. I don’t do the podcast alone (because really, who would listen to me for that long. Kudos to you for still reading). My good friend, and fellow teacher, Dave Kaeding was guest number one on the show, mainly because I didn’t know of anyone else to talk to me over our winter break. But right then I knew we clicked. So I kept him on. All 50 episodes. Oh, and Dave teaches science. Sometimes that’s helpful to the show.

So what’s the show about? We really stick to what our Facebook description says: Keep up with running in the great state of Iowa and beyond! Okay, maybe that didn’t help. We offer reviews of running gear, clothing, and equipment. We give a race of the week and a “running” tip of the week (in quotations because it’s not always just about the running). But most importantly, we give our listeners a chance to hear stories from runners. We have an interview segment that is the heart of our show (see, I told you we’d get there).

Everyone has a story. Every runner has a lot of stories. And everybody shares a story with someone else. Maybe not the exact story, but you can relate. That’s what I really hope we get through to our listeners. Whether you’re starting your running journey, get 30+ miles a week, or just two guys that just-so-happened to have recording equipment available and an hour to kill; you have a story.

Some of my favorite guests are the ones that Dave and I didn’t realize where our conversation would go when we started recording. We’ve talked with an experienced elite Olympic marathon qualifier, NCAA indoor and outdoor champion, a record-setting 100k runner, a (then 92-year-old) Navy Vet running across the country to save a boat (he’s still going by the way, in Louisiana right now), nutritionists, coaches, doctors, therapists, authors, teachers, and all sorts of other people… because being a “runner” only means getting out there.

The time it takes you to do a mile doesn’t matter, just the fact that you’re out there does.

New episodes of the RunIowa podcast can be found on iTunes podcasts and Podbean on Thursdays around 10am PST.

And if you’re ever on the west side of the Hawkeye state, look us up. Dave and I could always use another running buddy to hold us accountable.

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Matt Rasmussen lives in Keizer, Ore. with his wife and three daughters. He enjoys watching the Olympics, sampling craft beers, and all things Canada (he was born there). Matt was raised as a baseball player and officially transitioned over to running in 2010.
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