Product Review: Headsweats Women’s Endurance Band

Run Oregon receives and tests running stuff from time to time. Hyla and Rachel were sent some headwear from Headsweats.  Read on for their take on the products. These make some great stocking stuffers!

Hyla: Headsweats seems to have a cult following. For years I’ve heard fellow runners rave about their hats and visors made with the intention of being lightweight, wicking, and helpful with preventing the common nuisance of sweat in the eyes. So I was pretty stoked when I got a Headsweats product to review. My enthusiasm dimmed when I received a women’s Endurance Band headband. Not because I believed there would be anything at fault with it, but because the fault would be my misshapen head.

Women’s Endurance Bands

That said, I was immediately impresses with the material. It is lightweight and stretchy, but not too stretchy. I liked the clean, smooth edges, and watercolor print. Upon examining the product, I experienced a glimmer of hope that this headband would be THE headband that I could finally wear without it slipping off my head.

I’d like to point out that I think the Headsweats headband is a great product. I like everything about it except for the fact that despite their claim that it features a non-slip design, it ended up around my wrist within about a half mile into my test run after slipping off. Unfortunately (and I’m being serious), my head has a resistance to any type of headband so wear testing a product such as this one was bound to fail. (I’ve resigned to the idea that no one or product might be able to ever solve this problem for me.)

My recommendation is that if your head is normal and you are able to wear headbands, this would be a good one to consider. They retail for $15 and are moisture wicking, hand washable, and comfortable (at least for the short time it was on my head). The only seam is on the underside and because the fabric is so smooth, you don’t really notice it. The collection boasts 6 colors and/or patterns to choose from.

Rachel: Self disclosure: I have an oddly shaped head and big ears. Okay, so this may be my own personal observation and/or perception, but these features have often kept me from wearing certain hats or head bands while running. When given the opportunity to try out a headband from Headsweats, I was admittedly hesitant. Not only did I think that a headband would accentuate my big ears, I assumed the headband would slide right off with any movement, as most headbands I’ve ever tried often always do. I was pleasantly surprised, however, that this was not the case with the Active Performance Band as long as I was running shorter distances.

The headband I received, more specifically the Women’s Energy Band, is approximately 1 inch wide and is made with a velvet stretch lining. The outside of the headband was a sparkly black, which is just 1 of 12 color options to choose from if opting for the 1 inch band. Comfort wise, I found that the headband fit great; not too tight or too loose. It appears that none of the Active Performance headbands on the site have adjustable straps and are “one size fits most” which I think would be the only thing I wish they would change. Price wise, the headbands can be purchased for $15 on their Active Performance Bands page.


Women’s Energy Band 1″

Running with the headband fared better than I predicted. I tried it during both a short run (3 miles) and a longer run (7 miles). For the most part, the band stayed in place unless I turned to look behind me and I noticed a little slippage; not much though, which is huge in my book. Personally, I just like the overall look of the headband and have worn it to work a couple of times. The color options are all very stylish and go well with just about any type of clothing attire. In addition to the 1 inch band, there are 6 color options in the 3 inch wide Endurance Band style. While I may never convert to being a full fledged headband wearer, I think for those who are, Headsweats Active Performance Bands are a great option both for sport or for just a typical day.

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