Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom

I am the easiest person to buy for, since I like pretty much everything. However, I know that isn’t the case for a lot of moms out there and it can be tough to find the perfect present. Just in case you’re still looking for gift ideas, I’ve included a few suggestions for the mom or lady runner in your life.

Hydro Flask

~Hydro Flask Water Bottle:  The best water bottle on the planet. It keeps my water cold in the summer and my tea hot in the winter. Based out of Bend, I love that the company is local and the product lives up to the hype.  I broke the top of one of my original bottles and the company sent me a new piece, no charge and I didn’t have to jump through hoops to get it. They stand by their products and they last forever. I’ve purchased many water bottles that make the same claim, but none of them have impressed me like Hydro Flask.

~Ink-n-Burn Shorts: I know it’s not the time of year to be thinking about shorts, but I wear these all year long. In the winter, I just add some knee-highs or compression socks. The fit and style are very similar to Lululemon, but I love these for the funky patterns. Boring is not allowed with any Ink-n-Burn product and the unique styles are fun to sport, plus your girl won’t show up at an event with three other ladies in the same pair of shorts. The cut is flattering and the pocket is in the waist seam is the perfect size for a small ipod and keys.

Hippie Runner Headbands

~Hippie Runner Headbands: I discovered this website by accident after another company was sold out of the style I wanted. It was a great find since they offer headbands for a much better price, have a huge variety, often run specials and they ship right away.  A Hippie Runner Headband would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

~Nike Shield Running Pants: These were a gift and I note that because the price tag was too steep for me to buy them for myself. Even receiving them as a gift, I considered returning them.  They aren’t exactly a fashion statement and I was skeptical with just how ‘weatherproof’ they actually were, but I’m so glad I kept them. These are perfect for cold, wet runs. They are water resistant, windproof and keep your lower half warm with a soft liner. They may not be fashion forward, but, more importantly, they are functional. Any woman who runs in the elements would love these pants.

Hero-Up Half Marathon and 5k

~A Race Fee: Moms often feel guilty spending money on race fees, so put one in her stocking, or under the tree and she’ll have something to look forward to after Christmas. My personal favorites are The Ladybug Run, Hero-Up Half Marathon and 5k, Girlfriends Run for a Cure in Vacouver and the Bend Marathon.  (Seems like a lot of favorites, but there’s a distance for everyone.) Both out of Cook Park, the Ladybug Run and Hero-Up Half are perfect ‘mom’ runs since all of the proceeds help children.  The Girlfriends Run for a Cure is  a fun girl-power event, supports the Susan G. Komen Foundation and is one of my favorite runs of the year. The Bend Marathon is a newer race, but any mom looking to run 26.2 would love this one for the views.

~Stride Box:  Unlike the jelly club on Christmas Vacation, the Stride Box is a fun gift that gives all year long. You can pick how many months to sign up, so if you want to test it out first, just sign up for a couple of months. My sister gave this to me as a birthday gift and I couldn’t wait to see the goodies that arrived in my Stride Box. It included everything from SPF arm sleeves to anti-chafing products and was a fun way to test out things I wouldn’t necessarily go buy for myself.

Laces & Faces

~Laces & Faces Shoelaces: These laces would make a great stocking stuffer, and not just because they have fun colors and offer a little variety for running shoes, which can fall in the boring category.  More than that, they offer hope for children in Cambodia. Mia Simmons, a 13 year old Lake Oswego student started Laces & Faces to raise money for Children & Development Organization (CDO). Every purchase goes towards improving education in Cambodia, a cause mom would definitely support.

~Women’s Running Magazine: This doesn’t have all the content of Runner’s World, but I love that it’s focused on women. Moms don’t have a lot of extra time to sit and read a magazine, but this one is the perfect size. She can read it during halftime or while sitting in the carpool line. I love that it’s geared for women, so there are inspirational stories about women runners, products for ladies and articles with more of a female slant that you won’t find in mainstream running magazines.

 ~Xango Sock it to Me Socks: Not just another pair of funky socks, these are from a local company and, even better, support the Derek Reith Foundation. A percussionist for the local band, Pink Martini, Derek Reith touched many lives. His foundation was created to empower youth through music and dance. Last year they hosted their first Free Beat Drum Camp and are hoping to do it again next summer.  This fun pair of  socks will encourage mom to run a little faster and make her heart happy helping others. Email the foundation ( to order.

~Coupons: Every mom likes a coupon book when it’s evident there’s been some thought and care put into it. Maybe giving mom a post long run breakfast of her choice, attending a race to cheer her on, offering to take a race pic, volunteering at a run she’s doing or giving her a massage. It’s so cliché to say that it’s the thought that counts, but some of my favorite gifts have been very inexpensive, but thoughtful. When mom knows you care enough to give her the gift of your time and presence, it’s more valuable than any other gift on my list. Making memories always trumps material stuff.

Runner Charm Bracelet

~Runner Charm Bracelet: I like unique stuff that everyone else isn’t wearing, so my race bracelet is perfect. It’s a simple silver bracelet with charms of events I’ve participated in and I love it for so many reasons. It’s shiny and pretty, but I mostly love it for the memories it stirs. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. I run a fair number of races, so in order to earn a new charm it has to be a longer event, but every lady is different. A race bracelet is just a fun way for mom to be excited about her accomplishments and there’s a jewelry store in every mall to special order her one.


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