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My Rainbow Fish Leggings

If I’m not in a running skirt or cycle shorts, I’m in leggings.  I like to be comfortable at the gym, running errands and doing chores around the house and, while some might detest leggings, I love them. Besides comfort, I like my clothes to have a little personality. Maybe it’s because we have so many gray days in Oregon and I need a little splash of color, but whatever the reason, I like fun pants. I was excited to test out some Dona Jo leggings and accepted the offer without actually checking out their activewear line. I’m a realist and didn’t want to get my hopes up until the pants were delivered. I was in love with this company at the first sight of their package.  It was stamped with peace symbols and inspirational sayings and the love continued when I peeled it open.  I couldn’t have picked out a more perfect pair of pants, they reminded me of the fish in the Marcus Pfister’s book, The Rainbow Fish. My description doesn’t do them justice, but anyone interested in putting a little color into their closet, needs to check out the Dona Jo Fitwear line.

I’ve had plenty of leggings that have passed this initial cuteness test, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll wear them regularly in my rotation. So many things can go wrong with leggings and I think that’s why they can have a bad reputation. They can be too tight and show underwear, they can be too low and create a muffin top, they can ride up at the ankles, or bunch up at the knees, leaving you with legs that resemble elephant skin. So just passing the initial test isn’t saying a whole lot but, fortunately, these exceeded all of my legging expectations.

Besides getting compliments at the club, these are functional workout pants. I’m on the shorter side and the Size 1 S/M (0-8) fit me perfectly.  I didn’t have to wiggle into them like some pants I own and once these are on the honestly feel like a second skin. They are comfortable, cover what needs to be covered and are just plain fun. Their logo on the back is reflective, it blends in, but shines when necessary. The seams are flat, so they don’t rub along runs and the material is moisture wicking so they can take a serious sweat session and some.

Dona Jo’s ‘Airbrush’ leggings.

With my runs, lifting weights and doing Pilates, the material never stretched out, like other pants I’ve bought. They didn’t hold smells, which is another pet peeve with workout clothes. I ran them through the wash with all my other stuff and line dried them, just to be on the safe side. They haven’t faded or shrunk and look exactly the same as the day I tore open the package.  These really feel like a second skin, but look so much better.  I think they are pretty true to size and sizes range from small through extra-extra large (0-20).

I’ve already been perusing the Dona Jo website, trying to narrow down my wish list. Orders over $99 offer free shipping and they have a complete page of sale items. Sign up here for  a 15% discount on your first order. Their leggings vary in price from $57 (on sale) to $72 and they also offer other activewear, including running skirts and sports bras, all with some serious pizzazz. If you want a little color in your closet, check these out. I’m more likely to get out for a workout if I’m excited with my gear and the Dona Jo leggings definitely have me excited.

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  1. Those ARE super-cute leggings! Lookin’ good, lady! (And, now I have to go check out the website!) 😉

  2. See Jae Run // January 8, 2017 at 2:58 AM //

    Did you try running in them? How far? Most leggings start to chafe in me after mile 7 🙁 but I want fun, colorful running tights that can go the distance, you know?

    Thanks for your reviews!

    • Teresa Wymetalek // January 9, 2017 at 5:50 PM //

      I run in them all the time and love them! I want a job at Dona Jo because their leggings are honestly my favorite- Prism Sport is a close second. I think Dona Jo are perfect for winter months because the fabric clings like a second skin and is super soft and cozy. I haven’t worn them for any marathon distance, but they’ve gone 13 miles easy without chaffing. While leggings seem like such an easy product to make, it’s so not the case. Not all leggings are made the same!!! These are worth the cost- the only challenge is the sizing. I’m on the short side, so it’s not an issue for me- but just keep that in mind. I hope you try them out and let me know what you think!!

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