Kickstarter of the Week: RollingFWD High-Tech Vibrating Foam Roller

Product: RollingFWD High-Tech Vibrating Foam Roller
Location: Boulder, CO
Kickstarter End Date: November 6, 2015
Current Pledge: $39,908+ of $30,000 (WILL BE FUNDED)

After solid workouts and long runs, nothing beats the relief that comes from a good personal session on the foam roller. There are so many different types of rollers on the market and each person seems to enjoy the one that they have. But do you have the most technologically advanced one? Probably not, considering that the RollingFWD High-Tech Vibrating Foam Roller is getting close to finishing its campaign on Kickstarter. From their campaign:

Traditional rollers are used to release muscle tightness and work out knots or trigger points. We’ve taken this a step further by adding high-tech vibration which has shown to increase blood flow & reduce pain.

Although studies have been limited, advocates for vibration therapy claim that it helps increase blood flow, bone density and muscle mass. It’s also believed to reduce joint and muscle pain while relieving stress and boosting your metabolism.

A vibration plate is a machine with a small platform that vibrates at a high frequency. Users stand or position themselves on the platform and perform exercises which increases the intensity and effectiveness of workouts.

Vibration plates were originally used by Russian scientists to reduce degeneration of bone and muscle in space. Since then it’s been growing in popularity with professional athletes, gyms and celebrities as a way to increase performance and promote recovery.

Typically expensive and bulky, vibration plates aren’t extremely accessible or viable for home use, but more and more tools, like RollingFWD’s vibrating rollers are bringing  more affordable options to the market.

The roller lays claim that it is designed to keep the vibration buzzing completely evenly along its entirety – making sure that you are getting the maximum benefit wherever you are rolling.

You can pledge to receive a RollingFWD High-Tech Vibrating Foam Roller for $179, as the product has already passed its initial pledge of $30,000. Units are slated to ship near March 2016.

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