Race Recap: 2015 Subaru Kids Obstacle Challenge…Mud and Fun all into One!

A finisher's towel!

My 10-year-old son has run several 5k races with me, and while he's not terribly excited about running, he's a good sport and completes the run. So when I told him that I signed him up for the Subaru Kids Obstacle Challenge, he wasn't so sure. The morning of the race, he was warming up to the idea a little bit, and by the time we arrived at Lee Farms, he was quite excited.

Luke was signed up to start in the first wave at 10am, which meant plenty of parking spots and short lines at packet pickup and vendor tents. He was extremely excited to win an electric toothbrush at a dentist’s spin-a-wheel. After petting the rabbits and the goats, we lined up for the start. We got a quick briefing on the course and then were sent off slightly behind schedule.

Balance beam

The first half of the course was on weaving dusty farm roads until we got to the first obstacle – a hay bale climb, which was followed by a tire hop and a fence climb. Approaching the balance beam, there was a bit of a wait to get on the obstacle, since only two people could tackle it at a time. Luke crossed the beam quickly and moved on to the cargo net climb (“mom, I’m going over the tall one!”), through the bubble channel and to the slip and slide. Still mostly clean, he approached the rope swing, which was set up in a way that made everybody land in the muddy water. He happily splashed out to go to the very last obstacle: The mud pit!

Washing off some of the mud

After crawling through (and miraculously staying somewhat clean) he received his finisher’s dog tag and a bottle of water. As we made our way over to the shower tent, we heard announcements for the next wave that was about to start the run. Any registered participant was also invited to run the course again at the back of each starting wave. We considered it briefly, but decided instead to get cleaned up in the shower tent and get some delicious marionberry donuts in the farm store.

The event was very well organized, and all the kids seemed to have a lot of fun. I like the fact that we were allowed to run the course again at the end of the next starting wave. It was a little bit concerning to me that the 10:30am wave didn’t get started until 10:40 since there were still some runners on the course. While I understand safety precautions and avoiding congestion, it has the potential to really delay later starting waves. The vendor tents had many giveaways appropriate for the target age group for the race (5-16 years old), and participants and family members could also by tickets at the farm store for the regular farm activities. Since it hadn’t rained in a while, the course was more dusty than muddy, but the obstacles were appropriate for any kid to climb over, under or through.

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