Race Recap: 2015 Get A Clue Scavenger Race

If you've ever been 12 years old, you know what a scavenger hunt is. There's just something awesome about being a kid, being given a list of the most random items your mom can think of, then basically having the entire WORLD (which is usually the size of your neighborhood block) to use your most creative vices to find all of the items. This, of course, being done all the while laughing, fighting, running with friends, and driving every one of your neighbors insane. The only way all of that crazy fun could be made better is if you were 20 years older, have an entire city to search instead of a 5-block radius, and have killer raffle prizes at the finish....

I had never participated in the Get A Clue Scavenger Race before, but it didn’t take long before I knew this would be one fantastic race. I met up with my race partners, Sandy and Dayna at a nearby parking lot, then carpooled over to the race start to check in and wait for race instructions. It was at this moment, when Team Captains were called to collect scavenger lists, that we realized we didn’t have a team captain! Dayna quickly stepped up to the plate, and after the Race Director shouted “GO!”, we watched teams race frantically out the front door while we bolted to the first table we could find, pull out our map, and plan our most strategic route.

planning out our strategy

Unlike your average childhood scavenger race, our list consisted of random business addresses, which is why planning out our route on the provided city map was so helpful! Clues were also listed as to what our “task” might be at each business, which definitely added to the excitement as the 3 of us raced to our first location: the farmers market. We each separated at this point, taking a different section of the market looking for Katherine’s Dragonfly Soaps, where a smiling woman with a basket handed us another clue with a small wooden spoon attached. Now that our first clue had been gathered, we regrouped and headed across the street to find our next address.

Now, it’s important to mention here that regardless of how organized and focused you may be, it’s VERY hard not to get distracted! We would start running in one direction, only to see another team round a corner from another direction, and we’d have to stop and think, “Ok, where did they just come from?”. This really only added to the fun and excitement!

Throughout the roughly 2 hours we had to gallivant all over the city of Canby, we drew chickens, made up a ukulele song (that the 3 of us had to sing together!), get a hole in one on a miniature put-put course, got a small history lesson, solved a puzzle, and even got a little workout in (yes, BESIDES all of the running!), among other things. I don’t want to divulge every one of the clues, otherwise you won’t have anything to look forward to next year, though I’m SURE they will create even more exciting activities in 2016!

The rules stated that each team needed to be back to the race start at 11:30 am regardless of how many locations we had made it to, otherwise suffer the wrath of the race director! Ok, maybe it wouldn’t have been THAT dire, but my team took no chances. We turned in our gathered clues and waited for points to be tallied. Based on those points, each team member was given raffle tickets based on your results to enter any of the prizes displayed on tables in the back of the room. I actually really liked this, because we all had the chance to try to win what we actually wanted, and we could enter each raffle as many times as we wanted, as long as we had the tickets to enter! The top 3 teams were awarded their medals, before the TONS of amazing raffle prizes were given out. I managed to walk away with a free race entry to the 2016 Youngberg Hill Half Marathon!

In the end, I think my 12 yr old self would have been proud of me for giving this race a try! In all, we ran roughly 5.5 miles, made lots of new friends, and found a new way to look at racing. A race doesn’t ALWAYS have to be about crossing a finish line faster than we did before. Sometimes, it can be about putting a spin on an old childhood game and having a blast with friends.

Hmm….Monopoly Marathon anyone?

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