Race Preview: 2015 Freedomthon 5K

The Fourth of July has practically become a running holiday as there are scores of events to choose from before the standard bbq and fireworks that go hand in hand with the national holiday. Within these events are practically all the distances, so there truly is something for everyone. The Uberthons Freedomthon is definitely geared toward fast, family fun. The main event is a flat and fast 5K while there are two kids runs to choose from and a lot of perks. You can register and find the exact details on their site.

In a nod to the heat of summer the race is scheduled to start at 7:30, which is good for those of us that prefer to run a little cooler. It is a simple out and back on closed roads, with minimal elevation change, which is ideal for a pr if you are looking for one. The worst part is being able to see the finishing arch when it is a bit more distant than it appears.

The bright side is, the closer you reach that finish line, the sooner you get pancakes. It also goes without saying that the standard Uberthons practice of instant results will be in play. There will also be American flags to carry across the finish line. Adjacent to the Library Park in Beaverton, there is plenty of parking and it is easy to get to.

There are two kids runs to choose from, in relation to their ability. The longer one is a mile, but only open to children up to 12 years old. It is timed and the participants will get a medal. The kidathon will be a quarter to a half mile long, and if parents would like a medal they will be available to purchase for $10.

The 5K entrance fee is $30 plus a approximately $3 processing fee. The kids mile is $10, as is a medal for the kidathon. You can register your kids at the same site you do for the 5K. This will include a medal for the 5K and mile, as well as access to a scrumptious pancake bar. It is a very good way to start the holiday.

This event is definitely geared toward the family that does not want to get too work out on the holiday. The kids will love their races and the 5K course is a perfect chance to go all out without wearing yourself down. Good food and quick results means everyone will leave in a decent time with happy stomachs. There are many events to choose from this day, and for a lot of people, this will check all the boxes for the one they would prefer to start with.

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