Drink Coffee Naked: IndieGoGo of the Week – BOD

Product: BOD: The Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee System
Location: Vancouver, WA
Link: IndieGoGo
Current Goal: $43,588 of $50,000
End: June 30, 2015

When Team Run Oregon was hitting the pavement at the Twelve Bridges Relay last month, and the sun was beating down on us, we were lucky that Teresa was in full “mom-mode” and remembered to pack the snowcone maker. While this treat was very welcome, I remember thinking how nice it would be if a Starbucks – like a mirage in the fields – sprung up with a Venti iced coffee. Alas, it wasn’t to be…but it could have been – if we had a BOD in hand. From the campaign:

The BOD™ is the first compact, modular and completely portable cold brew coffee system. Its spill-proof, shatter-proof design allows you to brew anytime anywhere.  The BOD™ makes healthy coffee naturally and transforms ordinary coffee grounds into a super-concentrated coffee extract that’s heart, stomach and smile friendly. Use the coffee extract to make healthy hot or iced coffee in seconds.

The BOD by BodyBrew lists a lot of health-related benefits to their product. They quote this (which Run Oregon cannot prove), “Researchers from John’s Hopkins and Harvard found that coffee brewed using a French press was high in oily compounds called Diterpenes (specifically Cafestol and Kahweol), which have been linked to elevated cholesterol…BodyBrew is proud to be the first company to discover through lab tests that our proprietary cold brew method had 82% less Cafestol than French press and Espresso. Other brew methods, such as drip and single serve, are high in acid that may cause stomach upset, and damage tooth enamel. ”

While grabbing a coffee on the way to a race is always nice, it can sometimes not be very convenient. The BOD is for those who need their coffee, but would like it to be more portable. Shoot, I have been on hikes or sitting on the beach at times just wishing that I had the ability to make some java without needing to leave my spot.

The design is said to be spill-proof, a necessity for travelling. Not to mention those sweet  portable Baby-, Mini-, and Regular Bean Kanteens for storing the cold brew coffee extract. 

It’s also great that this company is right in our backyard – based out of Vancouver, WA. Right now, you can back their campaign and receive a system for as low as $59 (with a few extra perks at $69 and $79 – including the Bean Kanteens). Deliveries will begin in September 2015.

NOTE: The difference between IndieGogo and Kickstarter is that with IndieGoGo, the company gets to keep all the funds, regardless of if it reaches its goal or not. Keep that in mind, as with Kickstarter, money isn’t guaranteed until the threshold is met.

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