Product Review: Zubits Magnetic Shoe Closures


Ever since I was a pre-teen and laced zippers into my Converse high-tops, I have seen several types of lace replacement mechanisms for lace-up shoes. Some work better than others, and Zubits magnetic shoe closures seem to have figured out a really good way to close your running shoes.

Zubits installed

Installing the Zubits into my running shoes was very easy and went pretty quickly following the installation instructions that came with the pair of closures. My preteen followed along with his pair of shoes and Zubits, and he didn’t have any problems either. When the closures are all the way laced in, you can tie off the laces and cut them, leaving an inch or so to allow for adjustments. Since I didn’t know how well they would work or if I would like them, I tied the remainder of the laces into little bundles and tucked them between the laces and the tongue of the shoes.

At first I tried these closures with just walking around the house to get the tightness just right, then I took them out on a short run, and a few days later on a 5k. My son ran the same 5k with me, and he didn’t have any problems with the shoe closures, but was happy how quickly he can put on and take off his sneakers now.

Zubits open

I’ve been really impressed with how well the Zubits work! There is no retying to adjust tightness, no shoes getting untied, and no accidental opening. I can take my shoes off by stepping on the heel and popping the magnets apart by tipping my foot forward, then put them back on just by pulling the magnets together over the tongue of the shoe. After I take my shoes off, half the time they’ll magnet to each other, so the pair is easy to find among the shoes in my closet.

Zubits are available on There are three different sizes for children, teen/adults, and large adults/sports. During the ordering process it will help you select the right size based on your weight and intended use and activity.



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