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This post was submitted by Samuel Brackeen IV, a local veteran who's been deployed to Afghanistan (2006) and Iraq (2009) and was in the news from being hit by a drunk driver a couple of years ago. He lives by the adage that no matter how many times you get knocked down you build back up to help your community. He has created the website and an Android app. Read on for more information.
Workout Bunnies is a free social filter, and the only fitness social networking site, for those serious about activities that can raise heartbeat and lengthen life. It's about finding others into whatever activity moves you, from running to cross training, all the way to other interests like hiking or volunteer work.The site is about finding others into what you are into so that you might not  to have to go alone. This is a perfect social networking hub that will serve as an outlet for health conscious people and fitness enthusiasts of any age.

We want to cater a link that will encourage more people to engage in a pro-active life and search for a fitness partner locally. We also want to offer a better lead generation to fitness educators for them to meet more clients. Bunnies can find “training bunnies” locally to help meet their goals, or just find other like-minded people. Aside from that, we also created a clothing line to unite all the people into fitness and crush the barrier that divides different types of fitness activities, including running.
The clothing line will serve as a beacon, like a band on the forehead that serves as a sign of unity among all other bunnies or a message to anyone that will say “come on, join us!” Bunnies are approachable, meaning you can approach anyone who wears the clothing and talk about fitness and how to stay healthy. Wearing it is just like telling someone, “we stand on a united front of fitness and health. You’re welcome to approach me about my fitness activity.” The bottom-line here is to unite the people to have a pro-active, healthy and fuller life.
Check out the website here and the download the free Android app here.

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