Kickstarter of the Week Revisited: Aer Duffel Pack


A few weeks ago, we featured the Aer Duffel Pack as part of our Kickstarter of the Week series. The folks behind this campaign sent us a pack to try out – and it comes highly recommended!

As someone who runs both at work, as well as travels for short 1-2 night treks for work, I am always looking for a bag to pack my stuff in. For situations like those above, I don’t need really need anything with a ton of room – just enough space to get in a change of running clothes, shoes, toiletries, and maybe a spare shirt and pants for afterwards. And I choose to dress myself for work in a semi-formal fashion (dress shirt & tie, dress pants, etc.) so I like to have something that doesn’t make me look like some “bro” who just came from the gym. The Aer Duffel Pack is AWESOME and is filling this gap nicely.

The looks of the Aer Duffel Pack is sleek. There are no bells and whistles in its visuals – just a sleek and classic black on black simplicity. It looks great no matter my attire and I seriously feel much more at ease with this simple bad-boy, then I do my old purple gym bag. The outside is made of Ballistic Nylon (flak jacket material), so I suspect it will hold up to wear and tear.

imageFrom a functional standpoint, it also stands out. The main pocket is surprisingly spacious. I have taken it on a couple of work trips now and can pack:

  • 1 set of running clothes (shirt, shorts, socks, compression shorts)
  • 1 set of clothes (shirt, undershirt, pants, underwear, socks)
  • 1 toiletry bag (this is probably the bulkiest thing in my pants
  • 1 pair of shoes in the shoe pocket
  • 1 computer
  • Room to spare for toss in items

Speaking of shoe pocket, it has been nice to not worry about getting crushed with a wave of feet-smell upon unzipping it, as the ventilated pocket is definitely doing it’s job. There is a separate computer pocket which is padded nicely and keeps things snug. The “quick access” pockets on the side have also come in surprisingly handy where I toss in last-minute items, and store stuff like my phone and small work documents.

The Aer Duffel pack also features three ways of carrying it. That seemed sort of odd the first time I read about it. But after using it for a bit, it makes total sense. First, there is the backpack version. The straps are generously padded for a small pack, and feature a buckle in front were you needing to carry something heavy. There are also handles on the top and side to be able to carry accordingly. I surprised myself for finding the need to carry it in all three ways in one trip.

I also love how it can conform to look like the sort of functionality you choose. For example, when you are utilizing it as a backpack, it LOOKS like a backpack. And when you are laying it down and utilizing it as a duffel bag, it doesn’t just look like a flat backpack. The arm straps fold nicely underneath and it LOOKS like a duffel bag. It’s the best of both worlds.

The pack retails for $149 and they are working to fulfill their Kickstarter orders. Feel free to preorder one if you are in the market for a bag.


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