Kickstarter of the Week revisited: The World is Your Gym with Monkii Bars

Last year Matt did a Kickstarter post on Monkii Bars, which are basically a super lightweight, portable suspension training system. It funded AND SOME, it was THAT popular. Developed in Colorado and made in the USA, this portable exercise device is easy to set up and use in a variety of settings. The Wild Gym Company, creator of the Monkii Bars, wants to ‘turn the world into your gym’ with these. Instead of being stuck inside, waiting your turn for piece of gym equipment, you can take these anywhere and everywhere you go. They are small, sleek and only weigh close to a pound.

Before I even tried the Monkii Bars, a play on the old school monkey bars we used to love at recess, I fell in love with the philosophy of this company. The Wild Gym Company Philosophy:

Playing on the monkey bars at recess didn’t seem like exercise because it was just fun and these are an adult version of that old fashioned schoolyard play. They have nylon cords that can be stored in the handles, making it easy to pack along wherever you go. They don’t take a lot of space and can be set up pretty much anywhere, the park, a hotel room or your office. I didn’t follow the workouts included in Matt’s post, but I must say I pretty much love these things.


We were born wild.  Kicking and screaming. Today, we’ve lost that wildness in our world of people and things. It’s time to take back your wildness and start living with passion and purpose – the way you were made to. The wild man is out there until you do.


Our passion is being active in the world we live in.  We hit the trails, bomb down the slopes, climb until we can’t go any higher, push ourselves past our limits because we know that there are none. We work hard so you can play harder.


We always strive to make ourselves better, faster, and stronger. We never stop learning. We set high goals and fight hard to exceed them. We won’t rest until wildness becomes part of our society.

I need simple and basic and these are just that – a couple of bars, suspension lines and adapters and you are set. I couldn’t help but laugh when I was testing these out at a soccer game, thinking I was being inconspicuous and apparently not so much. A couple of rows on the Monkii Bars into it and a woman commented on how clever they were and started asking me all about them.  They are similar to other bodyweight training devices on the market, but these can go with you anywhere. You can pull them out at the office, take them camping, hiking, or carry them along on a run. They are super portable, very light and have a quick set up.

Just because they are lightweight doesn’t mean they can’t hold weight. My instructions noted mine would hold 220 pounds, but I found other websites noting the actual breaking point was much higher. I’m not one to chance it or take risks so I would definitely stick with suggested maximum weight. The braided cord is thin, but incredibly strong. They felt very secure and I have no doubt my muscles would give out before the Monkii Bars. Runners often ignore their upper body and core and these definitely work both.  With a combination of intervals and Monkii Bars, you have a perfect workout that challenges the body and is far from mundane. I can’t wait to take these along on a relay. I think it would be a blast to have a Monkii Bar challenge with some teammates as we’re killing time.

Until then, they are a convenient, sleek exercise tool that I can take along anywhere. These are constructed to use wherever you want, your home, office, hotel room, or a tree along your favorite running trail. They take up very little space, since the cords slide right into the handles and stay there until you unplug the ends for set up. These are actually pretty fun and I can see why this Kickstarter is so successful. If you are looking for a way to change up your workout or if you are on the go a lot, Monkii Bars may be the exercise gear you are looking for. They run close to $119, include free shipping and offer a couple of varieties. The Spectra ® Line is guaranteed to not fray or break or they will replace it. I love that these are made in the USA and that the company offers a generous discount for those serving our country. Monkii Bars are a pretty fun way to get a workout and don’t be surprised if someone walks up to you and asks what they are all about.

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