Product Review: HUMANX Jump and Stretch Rope

When my HUMANX Jump and Stretch Rope arrived, I was a little surprised at the feel of the rope. It felt a little stiff and heavy, so I wondered if this was going to be very good for jumping rope. But, when I tried it out, I immediately knew this was my new favorite jump rope.

Made out of what looks and feels like climbing rope, this handle-free rope is 10 feet long. With knotted ends instead of handles, it is easily adjusted for different heights. The rigidity of the rope may seem like a detriment at first, but once you begin jumping rope, you will appreciate that quality.

If you ever use a jump rope during your workouts, you have probably tried a variety of options. I have a collection of jump ropes at my personal training studio in the attempt to find something that works for everyone. I have the playground-like plastic beaded rope, a nice leather jump rope, and a variety of plastic options. The different weights and lengths appeal to different people and everyone seems to have their favorite. I was partial to the leather jump rope.

After testing the HUMANX Jump and Stretch Rope and loving it, I decided to have some of my clients test it out. Since they all tend to use different ropes, I figured the reviews would be varied. During one of my classes, I had a jump rope station and asked that everyone try the new rope at least one time and if they didn’t like it they could go back to their favorite rope. I noticed when each person picked up the rope and felt it, most of them looked a little unsure as to how this was going to work for them. But, they were all good sports and tried it out. Since that first try, no one has touched a different rope. They all love this one!

Here’s what some of them had to say about the HUMANX Jump and Stretch Rope:

“It has a nice even weight that makes it easy for a consistent rhythm.”

“It’s really comfortable. I didn’t even miss having handles.”

“The weight of the rope keeps it from popping up off the ground in an unpredictable way.”

“I love that rope! It makes me feel like a stud!”

“It almost feels self-propelling.”

“There’s no hitch in the giddy-up on this rope.”

One of my clients was initially bothered by no handles, but he liked the movement of the rope so much he kept using it and was able to find a comfortable way to hold it – with the knots between his fingers.

Weight: Personally, I love this rope because of its overall weight. Even though a heavier rope than what I’m used to means that a longer time jumping can make my forearms a little tired, that is easily remedied by spending more time with this rope. The rope is somewhat like a climbing rope in its feel/weight. The advantage of that is that the rope maintains its shape. In other words, it doesn’t get all twisted in the middle and trip you up mid-jump.

No handles: While not having handles on a jump rope may feel a little strange at first, I liked the freedom of not having them. No handles allows for people of differening heights to use this rope. A shorter person can choke up on the rope without any issues. Handles tend to prevent that option. The knots on the end prevent the user from losing the rope and, as I mentioned earlier, can be used as a sort of handle if you wish.

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Quality: This jump rope is a heavy duty woven rope. We’ve been using it for several weeks now and I haven’t noticed any wear yet. It seems as though this rope will last a long time. While other ropes tend to break, bend, or lose handles; this one should outlast them.

Consistency: I’ve noticed that with this rope I have less trip ups and re-starts than I do with other ropes. I’ve also noticed that some of my clients who tend to fight with other ropes, have been able to jump more consistently and easily.

This rope is also advertised as a stretching rope, so I have tested it in that capacity as well. Since it is long, you may need to double it up for some stretches, but if you are lacking in flexibility you will appreciate the length. The lack of give that this rope has makes it a good quality rope for stretching. It provides a good consistent resistance for all of your stretching needs, making this a true multi-use rope.

I would highly recommend the HUMANX Jump and Stretch Rope by Harbinger for beginners and seasoned jump ropers alike. This rope will provide more success for a beginner than an average jump rope, while allowing a more advanced person to jump longer and faster. The rope can be purchased online for just $15 (plus shipping.) If you have checked out jump rope prices, you know that this is a competitive price for a quality rope. I plan on purchasing several more of these ropes for my studio since my clients and I all love it. I don’t want any fighting over jump ropes to break out! Several of my clients have mentioned that they may even purchase one for themselves to use at home.  This will now be the only  jump rope I recommend. I love it!


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